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  • theatre of tragedy'nin 1994'teki ilk demosunda* ve 1995'teki ilk albümünde** yer alan güzel bir parcası*.
  • now as i am to be bereaft of my troth
    i cry aloud my last words of lost hope.
    a violent gust of wind is my frame of mind;
    huxes like moisture through pores.

    i am unwilling to forgive
    him who depriev'd me of my life -
    gloaming the sequence -
    a momentary view.
    perishing intervals of rejoice -
    my supreme happiness is lost!

    baleful emotions of fear - my body is the earth -
    the earth is now destined to be made forlorn -
    forlorn from the enlivening energies.
    am i not anylonger living?

    in mournful silence i suffer -
    in peace i now will rest.
    my hard-working hands
    are now reposed.

    i close thee my beloved into my heart -
    conceal thy memory in my inner sanctum.
    in my thoughts thou shalt forever be -
    as a dear and precious remembrance.

    i'm dethroned in the reign of entity -
    my tears descend like of abony -
    life is the theatre of tragedy -
    dying - i only feel apathy!
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