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  • kid cudi ve crookers çalışması.şu aralar fgde dönüyor, dilimize dolanıyor.

    ixnay on the bull shit mai'
    when i roll black to cleveland
    i can't believe them
    sounds of the non believers
    outkast until i'm in dirt
    before it did hurt
    now i can overstand how you
    can just miss a front on
    ask me how i feel about the mus' with close eyes
    my words how i feel exactly
    aw fuck that
    i don't give a damn but that
    one hater talkin' down
    don't be afraid at all y'all
    all i ask of all y'all
    is to please

    embrace the martian
    i come in peace
    but i need your rockin' beat
    embrace the martian
    and this is how it sound

    see i must tell you all now
    keep on acting funny
    cool with me
    i am here to change that
    how you thinking off then
    and it's starting
    i am here to show you
    how it feels to be new
    look at what i made you
    gotta teach you
    honest spilling secure cool
    and you are fool
    bought a heavy heavy mazda
    malarkey mixed with drive bys
    i admit dawg
    don't be afraid at all y'all
    all i ask of all y'all
    is to please

    licensed to i'll
    i promise
    i won't turn the whole world to cloverfield
    on the real
    yeah i will
    i'll destroy it
    and then rebuild
    just for thrills
    sometimes it got to do with
    sometimes it showed to tough love
    no one is above
    what you are hearing
    now dude
    no matter who else included
    i'm soluted
    i'm soluted