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  • eski misir'da, evrenin bicimlenmesi ve yaratilmasindan sorumlu dokuz tanri.
    gune$ tanrisi atum-ra, yalnizca kendi istegiyle ba$langictaki sivi kaos'tan*, $u'yu ve tefnut'u dogurmu$ (tukuruk, masturbasyon gibi yontemlerle), onlar da geb ve nut'u meydana getirmi$lerdir. $u, geb ile nut'un arasina girip yeryuzunun uzerinde gokyuzunun dengelenmesini saglami$tir. geb ve nut'tan, osiris, isis, seth ve nephthys dogar. boylece ilk gune$ eyleminden ba$lanarak, evrenin ve yeryuzunun ana unsurlari aciklanmi$ olur.

    (bkz: ennead)
  • filozof plotinus'un 6 kitaptan olusan eserine verilen ad. her 6 kitap da 9 alt bolumden olusmakta ve asagidaki gibi siralanmaktadir:

    1-1.the animate and the man
    1-2.on virtue
    1-3.on dialectic
    1-4.on true happiness
    1-5.happiness and extension of time
    1-7.on the primal good and secondary forms of good
    1-8.on the nature and source of evil
    1-9.the reasoned dismissal

    2-1.on the kosmos or on the heavenly system
    2-2.the heavenly circuit
    2-3.are the stars causes?
    2-4.matter in its two kinds
    2-5.on potentiality and actuality
    2-6.quality and form-idea
    2-7.on complete transfusion
    2-8.why distant objects appear small
    2-9.against those that affirm the creator of the kosmos and the kosmos itself to be evil

    3-2.on providence
    3-3.on providence
    3-4.our tutelary spirit
    3-5.on love
    3-6.the impassivity of the unembodied
    3-7.time and eternity
    3-8.nature contemplation and the one
    3-9.detached considerations

    4-1.on the essence of the soul
    4-2.on the essence of the soul
    4-3.problems of the soul
    4-4.problems of the soul
    4-5.problems of the soul
    4-6.perception and memory
    4-7.the immortality of the soul
    4-8.the soul's descent into body
    4-9.are all souls one?

    5-1.the three initial hypostases
    5-2.the origin and order of the beingsfollowing on the first
    5-3.the knowing hypostases and the transcendent
    5-4.how the secondaries rise from the first: and on the one
    5-5.that the intellectual beings are not outside the intellectual-principle: and on the nature of the good
    5-6.that the principle transcending being has no intellectual actwhat being has intellection primally and what being has it secondarily
    5-7.is there an ideal archetype of particular beings?
    5-8.on the intellectual beauty
    5-9.the intellectual-principle, the ideas, and the authentic existence

    6-1.on the kinds of being
    6-2.on the kinds of being
    6-3.on the kinds of being
    6-4.on the integral omnipresence of the authentic existent
    6-5.on the integral omnipresence of the authentic existent
    6-6.on numbers
    6-7.how the multiplicity of the ideal-forms came into being: and upon the good
    6-8.on free-will and the will of the one
    6-9.on the good, or the one