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    was benedict's most recent provocation accidental or deliberate? the
    bavarian is a razor-sharp reactionary cleric. a man who organises his
    own succession to the papacy with a ruthless purge of potential
    dissidents and supervises the selection of cardinals with great care
    leaves little to chance. i think he knew what he was saying and why.
    choosing a quote from manuel ii paleologos, not the most intelligent of
    the byzantine rulers, was somewhat disingenuous, especially on the eve
    of a visit to turkey. he could have found more effective quotes and
    closer to home. perhaps it was his unique tribute to oriana fallaci.

    the muslim world with two of its countries---iraq and afghanistan--
    directly occupied by western troops does not need to be reminded of the
    language of the crusades. in a neo-liberal world suffering from
    environmental degradation, poverty, hunger, repression, a 'planet of
    slums' (in the graphic phrase of mike davis), the pope chooses to insult
    the founder of a rival faith.

    the reaction in the muslim world was predictable, but depressingly
    insufficient. islamic civilization cannot be reduced to the power of the
    sword. it was the vital bridge between the ancient world and the
    european renaissance. it was the catholic church that declared war on
    islam in the iberian peninsula and sicily. mass expulsions, killings,
    forced conversions and a vicious inquisition to police the cleansed
    europe and the reformist protestant enemy. the fury against 'heretics'
    led to the burning of cathar villages in southern france. jews and
    protestants alike were granted refuge by the ottoman empire, a refuge
    they would have been denied had istanbul remained constantinople.
    'slaves, obey your human masters....for christ is the real master you
    serve' said paul (colossians 3: 22-24) in establishing a
    collaborationist tradition which fell on its knees before wealth and
    power and which reached its apogee during the second world war where the
    leadership of the church collaborated with fascism and did not speak up
    against the judeocide or the butchery on the eastern front. islam does
    not need pacifist lessons from this church.

    violence was and is not the prerogative of any single religion as the
    continuing israeli occupation of palestine demonstrates. during the cold
    war the vatican, with rare exceptions, supported
    the imperial wars. both sides were blessed during the first and second
    world wars; the us cardinal spellman was a leading warrior in the
    battles to destroy communism during the korean and vietnam wars. the
    vatican later punished the liberation theologists and peasant-priests in
    latin america. some were excommunicated.

    not all christians joined in the crusades old and new. when pope urban
    launched the crusades the norman king of sicily refused to send troops
    in which sicilian muslims would be compelled to fight against muslims in
    the east. his son, roger ii, refused to back the second crusade. in
    doing so they showed more courage than the leaders of contemporary
    italy, who are only too willing to join the imperial crusades against
    the muslim world.

    'to make sure of being right in all things', said the founder of the
    jesuits, ignatius loyola, 'we ought always to hold to the principle that
    the white i see i should believe to be black if the hierarchical church
    were so to rule.'

    today most catholic prelates in the west (including the bavarian in the
    vatican) and politicians of centre-left/right worship the real pope who
    lives in the white house and tells them when black is white. amen.
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