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  • bir opeth şarkısı... sözlerini de yazayım tam olsun...

    unto you i whisper
    the wildest dreams
    in the coldness of night

    shrouded in crystals
    through a frosty dusk
    souls of the fullmoon awaits
    their shadows ablaze

    we are all bending
    our tired leaves over your empty shell
    in the sign of true esteem
    are you beloved lord
    sighing deep under these waterfalls?

    the birds of the sun
    seperates these dark clouds
    while the winds of winter sleeps gently around
    i am sworn to the oath
    to breathe...

    at the waters i dwell
    the waves are still whispering
    ancient lullabies
    i die....
    while our mystic brothers still seek

    under your command i will obey
    in my vision
    you are the embodiment of pure freedom
    but through my eyes you are made of stone
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