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  • remind me in the end of june that we burn my infancy

    to be kissed by you babe would do make me perhaps french
    i come down into the city - a cinema verges into rain
    automobile gets invented , zarifoğlu dies
    niggers in the earth those all elder than that forty

    -senegalese not included-

    if you kiss me babe perhaps the boulevards get do infected
    political science would produce its corpses in contemporary landscapes
    then though you can bump a mystic off bashing
    life is somehow beautiful sweetheart , you as well

    did i disturb you so ?

    if you kiss me babe perhaps our love finds its practical compensation
    what a cogent suicide attempt is now coming in eye to an eye
    of course loving you is just like riding a horse
    and of course it's so efficient jumping down the horse

    -nothing called freud-

    you kiss me then i perhaps do become gangsterise
    may be i would be a poet and make you taken nearby my side
    you gotta know ; you're the unique rose blossomed on my chest in which way
    that is to say : either these hands to be kissed or you get exterminated

    bottoms up then i refresh the tea !
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