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  • a memur teyze shouts: "munir oztasli! munir oztasli!"
    you approach memur teyze.
    memur teyze says: "welcome munir. you might wonder how i know your name. well, i know many things about you. your past and even your future. i have your name in my list. list of people who want to cancel their elektrik tesisati."
    [continue] or [leave]: [continue]
    memur teyze says: "in order to do that, i'll need three things from you. a signed dilekce from dungeons of noter, signed by the noter himself. a receipt from hell's bank which you need to pay with your soul, and last, one of sacred scrolls of elektrik faturasi. bring them to me and i will cancel the curse of elektrik tesisati"
    [accept] [decline] [attack]: [attack]
    memur teyze shouts, "how you dare! guards! guards!"
    memur teyze casts aura of serpents of ak parti kadrola$masi on herself.
    you miss memur teyze with your sumsuk.
    memur teyze is protected by untouchable devlet memuru position.
    you miss memur teyze with your sumsuk.
    memur teyze drains 12hp from you with her sonic blast of mahalle karisi scream.
    you miss memur teyze with your sumsuk.
    a policeman arrives and shouts "noluyor lan burda?"
    you head to exit to the south.
    your exit is blocked by a policeman.
    a policeman says "nereye karde$im dur hele"
    memur teyze arrives.
    memur teyze drains 4hp from you by pulling your hair.
    a policeman hits you with his haydar for 40hp.
    memur teyze summons god's wrath and spits on you, draining 4hp.
    you are dead.
    [load game] [quit] ?
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