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    --- spoiler ---
    ı was stabbed by turk local guy with a big sword...
    ın that time, ı was taking tooth brushing in the park of sivrece(close to elazığ)
    then ı noticed that a guy looking on me (he was seems like glared at me).
    ı know that, most of turkish peoples are kind for eating, but sometimes turkish peoples angry me when ı take washing, bathing and tooth brushing.
    there is a wide gap in the priority between turkish and me.
    most of turkish peoples seems have given eating as highest priority.
    however ıt keep clean is a maximum priority matter for me.
    but ı'm always living on the road, ı have no house, ı have no shower room, ı can take washing only at the outside.
    but, washing, bathing and tooth brushing are shameful action for turkish in public.
    therefor ı had a conflict with turkish locals sometimes.
    (also ıt was becoming a conflict with ıslamic moral).
    ı thought that the guy getting angry by my tooth brushing.
    ı asked him "why you looking me such a long time?"(ıt action was my mistake)
    he said me some words, but ı could not understand that what he saying.(he seems speaked in turkish dialect or kurdish)
    ı asked him again in a gentle tone "pardon, ı don't understand your saying. you looking on me shuch long time, why? are you getting angly?"
    at that moment, the guy took a sword and slashed my ass without any hesitation.
    my ass was cut and ı had to hold a piece (cut) of my muscle for prevents to fall.
    now ı'm in the government hospital of elazğı, and ı had an operation.
    ı'm sorry, ı won't write good report any more.
    ı just want to sleep now, byebye??
    --- spoiler ---

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