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  • http://www.magnoliamovie.com/ 'dan alinti:
    "for instance, in my original motion picture screenplay, claudia (played by melora walters, with a true sense of aimee mann insanity) says, "now that i've met you, would you object to never seeing me again?" i must come clean. i did not write that line. aimee mann wrote that line as the opening of her song, "deathly," and i wrote backwards from that line. it equals the story of claudia. it equals the heart and soul of "magnolia." all stories for the movie were written branching off from claudia, so one could do the math and realize that all stories come from aimee's brain, not mine.
    ...you can look at the movie as the perfect memento to remember the songs that aimee has made."

    paul thomas anderson
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