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  • season of change life feels so strange
    look into my eyes, do you see the truth?
    i'm lost and alone, feelings unknown
    they come to me stronger than before

    on winds of time my soul will fly
    the angels are knocking at my door
    oh now i need to be free
    from all this hatred i feel inside

    let it be my dreams
    let it be my thoughts
    all those thing in my heart
    one too many days
    one too many years
    i wasted for nothing

    i never realized
    the truth is inside
    of every man for all to see
    listen to me now
    i'm so close to you
    never felt like this before

    the carousel is spinnign fast
    better enjoy while it lasts
    every moment is like gold
    you'll remember when you're old
    and the meaning of this life
    is to live and is to die
    make the best out of your dreams
    they are the world where you are free

    all the sorrow and the pain
    will be washed away by rain
    an eternal joy will come
    it can be found by everyone
    though the end is drawing near
    i'm not feeling any fear
    i have found the truth inside
    after all the tears i cry

    season of change ...
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