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  • dünyanın en çok okunan bilim dergisinde türkiyedeki bilim hakkında çıkan haberler şunlar:

    - turkish scientists claim darwin censorship. science-funding agency accused of removing evolution article — and its editor — from mainstream magazine: the main turkish government agency responsible for funding science has provoked outrage by apparently censoring a magazine article on the life and work of charles darwin. 10 mart 2009 (bu haberin altındaki yorumlar olaydan bin kat kötüdür)

    - turkish politics blamed for board block. geologist claims personal views led to job denial: a prominent turkish geologist is being denied a top spot in the nation's higher-education system because, he says, his political views are out of step with those of the current government. 2 temmuz 2008

    - turkish physicists face accusations of plagiarism. scores of papers are removed from arxiv server: more than a dozen theoretical physicists at four universities in turkey seem to be involved in a massive plagiarism scandal.almost 70 papers by 15 authors have been removed from the popular preprint server arxiv, where many physicists post their work, by the server's moderators. 6 eylül 2007

    - turkish government accused of hijacking boosted science budget. research spending tripled as part of bid for eu membership: the government of turkey is wresting control of the country's main research council for political ends. that's the accusation of prominent turkish scientists who fear that recent appointments and legal changes are attempts to channel a growing science budget towards the government's supporters. 28 nisan 2005

    neden yüksek impactlı dergilerde türkiyeden makale olmuyor, neden yazıma sürekli red geliyor, neden türkiye'de bilim yapılmıyor, neden beyin göçü var diye yeni yeni sormaya başlamış genç bilim insancıklarına yeterli açıklama olduğunu umuyorum.
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