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  • 1974 tarihli blood on the tracks lp'sinin arkasında şöyle yazar;

    "dylan is now looking at the quarrel of the self. the crowds have moved back off the stage of history;we are left with the solitary human, a single hair on the skin of the earth. dylan speaks now for that single hair.

    if you see her,
    say hello.
    she might be in tangiers...

    so begins one of these poems, as light as a slide on ice, and as dangerous. dylan doesnt fall in. instead, he tells us the essentials; a woman once loved. gone off, vanished into the wild places of the earth, still loved.

    if you're making love to her,
    kiss her for the kid.
    who always has respected her,
    for doin what she did...

    it is a simple love song, of course, which is the proper territory of poets, but is about love filled with honor, and a kind of dignity, the generosity that so few people can summon when another has become a parenthesis in a life. that song, and some of the other love poems in this collection, seem to me absolutely right, in this moment at the end of wars, as all of us, old, young, middle-aged, men and women, are searching for some simple things to believe in. dylan here tips his hat to rimbaud and verlaine, knowing all about the seasons in hell, but he insists on his right to speak of love, that human emotion that still exists, in faulkner's phrase, in spite of, not because."

    pete hamill'in 1974 tarihli albüm eleştirisinden alınarak lp'nin arkasına yazılmış bu yazı.

    uzun olduğu için çevirmeye üşendim, affola.
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