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  • motorhead'in "march or die" albümünde yer alan harika parça:


    stand - you can make it
    stand - you can take it
    stand - realize that nobody can break it for you

    stand - you can do it
    stand - go right to it
    stand - nobody can do a damn thing to you

    but you can't stand - if you don't care
    can't stand - if you don't dare
    can't stand - if you're running scared
    forget you're blood & bone
    stand like you're made of stone

    stand - on your honor
    stand - show you're gonna
    stand - they can't put the creeping death upon you

    if you stand - never move it
    stand - gotta prove it
    stand - stand 'cause you can't stand to lose it

    stand - stand - stand like a rock
    stand - stand - you stop their clock
    stand - stand - put them into shock
    stand - stand - together
    stand - yeah you better
    stand - don't you know that you can live forever if you
    stand - one for all
    stand - don't you crawl
    stand - if you stand then you deserve it all

    but if you can't stand,
    then they're the boss,
    can't stand - it's a total loss
    can't stand - they'll nail you to the cross
    forget you're blood and bone
    stand like you're made of stone
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