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  • bir hindu akademisyen'e göre göbekli tepe'ye bağlı uydu kentlerden nevalı çori de bulunan buluntular, hinduların vedic kültürü ile büyük benzerlikler taşıyormuş.

    wikipedia'da link olarak verilmiş, silinmesi tehlikesine karşı buraya da yazmak gerek:

    subject: vedic civilization in ancient turkey

    global dharm news digest
    hinduism today, april 1993

    "a 1992 motilal banarsidass newsletter reports that the oldest known
    civilization yet recently discovered at nevali cori in turkey has close
    similarities with the rg vedic civilization, according to dr. b. g. sidharth,
    director general of the hyderabad-based b. m. birla science center.
    "dr. sidharth, who recently visited the excavation site near ataturk dam,
    gave a report to the united news of india that the nevali cori people could
    be dated back as far as 7,000 bce, when the earth was in the last phase of
    the great ice age. while others were primitive nomads, the nevali cori
    people were domestic, used lamps and played a dice game. excavations showed
    definite "sanskritic" influence which could be traced to 2,000 bce --
    inscriptions with names of vedic deities, such as indra, mitra, varuna and
    dasaratha, and horse-racing terms.
    "a major find in the excavation was a large head sculpted from limestone
    with features identical to that of an indian vedic priest. the head was
    clean shaven and had the characteristic tuft of hair, an ancient vedic custom
    and common to this day in india."
    [end of excerpts from hinduism today, april 1993]

    (bkz: http://listserv.linguistlist.org/…=indology&p=36276)
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