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  • martin: come on, they're great guys: stinky, wolfman, boom-boom, jim. of course, his name's not really jim; we call him that because he likes to drink jim beam. just like we call hank “bud” because he drinks budweiser. come on, you'd love these guys!
    niles: we're sherry drinkers, dad. think about it.

    daphne: he mumbled something about it being worse than the dresden première of schumann's second symphony.
    niles: and you left him alone?!

    kardeşlerimiz, ıssız adaya düşsek hangi yemeği, hangi aryayı ve hangi şarabı oyunu oynamaktadırlar:
    niles: the coulibiac of salmon at guy savoy, “vissi d'arte” from tosca, and the côtes du rhône châteauneuf-du-pape '47.
    frasier: you are so predictable!

    roz: if you ask me, it's divorced people you want to watch out for. if someone's never been married, it might just mean they're a careful shopper, whereas your divorcé will buy any old piece of fruit without even giving it a squeeze first.
    frasier: the preceding was an unbiased opinion from my never-been-married producer, roz, who, incidentally, has squeezed more fruit than tropicana!

    düşündüm de niles ve frasier, sheldon ve leonard'ın fizikçi değil de entellektüel nerd versiyonları. yerler
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