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  • ali doğramacı'nın tüm bilkent camiasına gönderdiği duyuruya göre kendisi bilkent üniversitesi'nin rektörlüğüne tek aday olarak yök'e önerilmiştir.

    ali doğramacı'nın söz konusu mektubu için:

    dear members of the bilkent community,

    even though i had previously announced the end of my term as rector of bilkent university to be june 30 of this year, our founder professor ihsan doğramacı’s recent passing away has made it necessary for me to advance this date. on february 27, 2010, i resubmitted my resignation to the board of trustees to be effective march 1st, 2010.

    in the light of my resignation letter of november 9, 2009, the board of trustees has established a search committee to identify candidates for the new rector. last week this committee reported to the board that professor abdullah atalar is their sole candidate. the board of trustees then proceeded with a vote and decided to propose professor abdullah atalar to the council of higher education to be approved for the post of rector of bilkent university. the by-laws of our university stipulate that until a new rector is formally appointed, the provost of the university serves as acting rector.

    starting from march 1, 2010, i will be serving as the chair of the board of trustees of bilkent university. i am grateful for the warm support i have received from every one of you since 1993, and i am confident that you will show the same support to our new rector. i extend every good wish to professor abdullah atalar in his new position.

    with my sincerest best wishes to all of you.

    ali doğramacı
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