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  • skyclad'in "jonah's ark" albümünde yer alan harika parça:


    moonlit faces - ghostly white
    robed in midnight leather
    death - heads adorn their necks
    but they have lived forever.

    malign, nocturnal predators
    in search of human cattle
    drawn toward their anguished cries
    drowned by machine gun rattle.

    compassionless as mortals die
    they feed as we lie sleeping
    to our otherworldly overlords
    we are a harvest for the reaping.

    he said "hush my child, please don't fight
    your faith is no salvation
    which is worse - a fatal kiss
    or slow asphyxiation?
    i must eat so you must die
    this is the natural order
    lambs to the slaughter."

    huddled in their barbed wire pens
    these frightened rabbits cower
    what shortlived comfort daylight brings
    the jaws of night devour
    shadowed by their twisted cross
    they take their seats to dine
    gorge themselves upon the blood
    of the last of davids line
    while outside in the frosty dawn
    cold sentries dare not wonder why
    when daybreak brings the reveille
    their officers in slumber lie?

    she cried "holy father save the children
    of your chosen nation
    from the dead that walk this earth
    (living abominations)
    we cannot fight what can't be killed
    only the strong survive...
    and evil never dies."
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