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  • kendisine düşünsel olarak tam anlamıyla katılmasam da sıkı bir hayranı olduğum kenneth anger'in inauguration of the pleasure dome adlı filmine ilham veren şiir.

    "the title of the film comes from the poem "kublai khan" by the english romantic poet samuel taylor coleridge. coleridge claimed that the poem came to him during an opium dream. the poem tells the story of the mongol general and statesman who built a pleasure dome. the film. subtitled "lord shiva's dream" is a complex meditation of ideas that anger absorbed from his interest in the occultist aleister crowley.

    "a convocation of magicians assume the identity of gods in a dionysian revel. lord shiva, the magician, awakes. the scarlet woman, whore of heaven, smokes a big, fat joint; astarte of the moon brings the wing of snow; pan bestows the grapes of bacchus; hecate offers the sacred mushroom, yage, wormwood brew... the orgy ensues - a magick masquerade at which pan is the prize. lady kali blesses the rites of the children of light as lord shiva invokes the godhead with the formula force and fire." - kenneth anger

    (bkz: http://www.subcin.com/anger.html)
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