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  • morphinein unutulmayan belali eski sevgiliye sarkisi olarak sozleri soyledir:

    treat me wrong honey i don't care
    you never liked much anyway
    you told me meet you about half past eight
    you said you'd kill me if i was late claire
    oh claire

    you drove me up and down the street
    you used me up like gasoline
    i still remember everything you said
    that's the reason had to say away from claire
    oh claire (x2)

    (you know what that's funny you know)
    (i don't miss you at all not even a little you bitch)
    (i still love ya)*

    i still remember seeing you sleep all twisted up inside the sheets
    and i still remember everything you said
    every time i hear your name claire
    oh claire (x2)
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