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  • reynolds & postel [page 121]

    rfc 1700 assigned numbers october 1994

    28 slip [rfc1213]
    29 ultra [rfc1213]
    30 ds3 ds3/e3 interface objects [rfc1407]
    31 sip smds interface objects [rfc1304,txc]
    32 frame-relay frame relay objects [rfc1315,cxb]
    33 rs-232 rs-232 objects [rfc1659]
    34 parallel parallel printer objects [rfc1660]
    35 arcnet arc network
    36 arcnet-plus arc network plus
    37 atm atm
    38 miox25 miox25 [rfc1461]
    39 sonet sonet or sdh
    40 x25ple x.25 packet level [rfc1382]
    41 iso88022llc 802.2 llc
    42 localtalk
    43 smds-dxi smds dxi
    44 framerelayservice frame relay dce
    45 v35 v.35
    46 hssi hssi
    47 hippi hippi
    48 modem generic modem
    49 aal5 aal5 over atm
    50 sonetpath
    51 sonetvt
    52 smds-icip smds inter-carrier interface protocol
    53 propvirtual proprietary vitural/internal interface
    54 propmultilink proprietary multi-link multiplexing
    55 ieee802.12 100basevg
    56 fibre-channel fibre channel

    prefix: iso.org.dod.internet.mgmt.mib-2.transmission (

    decimal name description
    ------- ---- -----------
    5 x25 x.25 [rfc1382]
    7 ieee802.3 csmacd--like objects [rfc1650]
    8 ieee802.4 token bus-like objects
    -- [rfc1230,rfc1239,kzm]
    9 ieee802.5 token ring-like objects
    -- [rfc1231,rfc1239,kzm]
    15 fddi fddi objects [rfc1285,jdc20]
    16 lapb lap b [rfc1381]
    18 ds1 t1 carrier objects [rfc1406]
    19 e1 e1 carrier objects [rfc1406]
    23 ppp point-to-point protocol [rfc1471]
    30 ds3 ds3/e3 interface objects [rfc1407]
    31 sip smds interface objects [rfc1694]
    32 frame-relay frame relay objects [rfc1315,cxb]

    reynolds & postel [page 122]

    rfc 1700 assigned numbers october 1994

    33 rs-232 rs-232 objects [rfc1659]
    34 parallel parallel printer objects [rfc1660]
    35 arcnet arc network
    36 arcnet-plus arc network plus
    37 atm atm
    38 miox25 miox25 [rfc1461]
    39 sonetmib sonet mib [rfc1595]
    44 frnetservmib frame relay service mib for dce [rfc1596]

    prefix: iso.org.dod.internet.mgmt.mib-2.transmission (


    decimal name description references
    ------- ---- ----------- ----------
    1 ppplcp ppp link control [rfc1471]
    2 pppsecurity ppp security [rfc1472]
    3 pppip ppp ip network control [rfc1473]
    4 pppbridge ppp bridge networl control [rfc1474]

    prefix: iso.org.dod.internet.mgmt.mib-2.application (


    assocapplicationprotocol object-type
    syntax object identifier
    max-access read-only
    status current
    "an identification of the protocol being used for the
    application. for an osi application, this will be the
    application context. for internet applications, the iana
    maintains a registry of the oids which correspond to
    well-known applications. if the application protocol is
    not listed in the registry, an oid value of the form
    {appltcpprotoid port} or {appludprotoid port} are used for
    tcp-based and udp-based protocols, respectively. in either
    case 'port' corresponds to the primary port number being
    used by the protocol."
    ::= {assocentry 3}

    decimal name description
    ------- ---- -----------
    0 reserved



    reynolds & postel [page 123]

    rfc 1700 assigned numbers october 1994

    -- oids of the form {appltcpprotoid port} are intended to be used
    -- for tcp-based protocols that don't have oids assigned by other
    -- means. {appludpprotoid port} serves the same purpose for
    -- udp-based protocols. in either case 'port' corresponds to
    -- the primary port number being used by the protocol. for example,
    -- assuming no other oid is assigned for smtp, an oid of
    -- {appltcpprotoid 25} could be used, since smtp is a tcp-based
    -- protocol that uses port 25 as its primary port.

    prefix: iso.org.dod.internet.mgmt.mib-2.mta (


    mtagroupmailprotocol object-type
    syntax object identifier
    max-access read-only
    status current
    "an identification of the protocol being used by this group.
    for an group employing osi protocols, this will be the
    application context. for internet applications, the iana
    maintains a registry of the oids which correspond to
    well-known message transfer protocols. if the application
    protocol is not listed in the registry, an oid value of the
    form {appltcpprotoid port} or {appludprotoid port} are used
    for tcp-based and udp-based protocols, respectively. in
    either case 'port' corresponds to the primary port number
    being used by the group. appltcpprotoid and appludpprotoid
    are defined in [5]."
    ::= {mtagroupentry 24}

    decimal name description
    ------- ---- -----------
    0 reserved

    smi network management experimental codes:

    prefix: iso.org.dod.internet.experimental (

    decimal name description references
    ------- ---- ----------- ----------
    0 reserved [jkr1]
    1 clns iso clns objects [gs2]
    * 2 t1-carrier t1 carrier objects [fb77]
    * 3 ieee802.3 ethernet-like objects [jxc]
    * 4 ieee802.5 token ring-like objects [exd]
    * 5 decnet-phiv decnet phase iv [jxs2]
    * 6 interface generic interface objects [kzm]

    reynolds & postel [page 124]

    rfc 1700 assigned numbers october 1994

    * 7 ieee802.4 token bus-like objects [kzm]
    * 8 fddi fddi objects [jdc20]
    9 lanmgr-1 lan manager v1 objects [jxg1]
    10 lanmgr-traps lan manager trap objects [jxg1]
    11 views snmp view objects [cxd]
    12 snmp-auth snmp authentication objects [kzm]
    * 13 bgp border gateway protocol [sw159]
    * 14 bridge bridge mib [fb77]
    * 15 ds3 ds3 interface type [txb]
    * 16 sip smds interface protocol [txb]
    * 17 appletalk appletalk networking [sxw]
    * 18 ppp ppp objects [fjk2]
    * 19 character mib character mib [bs221]
    * 20 rs-232 mib rs-232 mib [bs221]
    * 21 parallel mib parallel mib [bs221]
    22 atsign-proxy proxy via community [rxf]
    * 23 ospf ospf mib [fb77]
    24 alert-man alert-man [ls8]
    25 fddi-synoptics fddi-synoptics [dxp1]
    * 26 frame relay frame relay mib [cxb]
    * 27 rmon remote network management mib [sxw]
    28 idpr idpr mib [raw44]
    29 hubmib ieee 802.3 hub mib [dxm5]
    30 ipfwdtblmib ip forwarding table mib [fb77]
    31 latm mib [txb]
    32 sonet mib [txb]
    33 ident [mtr]
    34 mime-mhs [mtr]
    35 maumib ieee 802.3 mau mib [dxm5]
    36 host resources host resources mib [sxw]
    37 isis-mib integrated isis protocol mib [cxg]
    38 chassis chassis mib [jdc20]
    39 ups ups [jdc20]
    40 app-mon application monitoring mib [txk]
    41 atm uni atm [mxa1]
    42 fc fibre channel [jxc4]
    * 43 dns domain name service [rob austein]
    44 x.25 x.25 mib [dean throop]
    45 frame relay serv. frame relay service mib [tracy cox]
    46 madman-applications [ned freed]
    47 madman-mta [ned freed]
    48 madman-dsa [ned freed]
    49 modem [steve waldbusser]
    50 sna nau [deirdre kostick]
    51 sdlc sdlc [jeff hilgeman]
    52 dns domain name service [jon saperia]
    53 network-objects ip info ix x.500 [johannsen]
    54 printmib [joel gyllenskog]

    reynolds & postel [page 125]

    rfc 1700 assigned numbers october 1994

    55 rdbmsmib [robert purvey]
    56 sipmib [tracy brown]
    57 stiimib st-ii protocol mib [hartmut wittig]
    58 802.5 ssr mib 802.5 station source routing mib [kzm]

    * = obsoleted

    smi private codes:

    prefix: iso.org.dod.internet.private (

    decimal name description references
    ------- ---- ----------- ----------
    0 reserved [jkr1]
    1 enterprise private enterprises [jkr1]

    smi private enterprise codes:

    prefix: iso.org.dod.internet.private.enterprise (

    see the file "enterprise-numbers".

    smi security codes:

    prefix: iso.org.dod.internet.security (

    decimal name description references
    ------- ---- ----------- ----------
    0 reserved [jkr1]
    1 kerberosv4 kerberos version 4 objects [1,bcn]
    2 kerberosv5 kerberos version 5 objects [2,bcn]

    smi snmpv2 codes:

    prefix: iso.org.dod.internet.snmpv2 (

    smi mail codes:

    prefix: iso.org.dod.internet.mail (

    1 mime-mhs


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    authentication and authorization system", project athena,

    reynolds & postel [page 126]

    rfc 1700 assigned numbers october 1994

    mit, december 1987.

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    reynolds & postel [page 127]

    rfc 1700 assigned numbers october 1994

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    reynolds & postel [page 128]

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    reynolds & postel [page 129]

    rfc 1700 assigned numbers october 1994

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    reynolds & postel [page 130]

    rfc 1700 assigned numbers october 1994

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    [rob austein]

    [bcn] b. clifford neuman <bcn@isi.edu>

    [bs221] bob stewart <stewart@xyplex.com>

    [cxb] caralyn brown <cbrown%wellfleet.com@talcott.harvard.edu>

    [cxd] chuck davin <jrd@ptt.lcs.mit.edu>

    [cxg] chris gunner <gunner@dsmail.lkg.dec.com>

    [dean throop]

    [dxm5] donna mcmaster <mcmaster@synoptics.com>

    [dxp1] david perkins <dperkins@synoptics.com>

    reynolds & postel [page 131]

    rfc 1700 assigned numbers october 1994

    [exd] eric decker <cire@cisco.com>

    [fb77] fred baker <fbaker@acc.com>


    [gs2] greg satz <satz@cisco.com>

    [iana] iana <iana@isi.edu>

    [jdc20] jeffrey case <case@utkux1.utk.edu>

    [jkr1] joyce k. reynolds <jkrey@isi.edu>

    [jxc] john cook <cook@chipcom.com>

    [jxg1] jim greuel <jimg%hpcndpc@hplabs.hp.com>

    [jxs2] jon saperia <saperia@tcpjon.enet.dec.com>

    [jeff hilgeman]


    [kzm] keith mccloghrie <kzm@hls.com>

    [ls8] louis steinberg <lou@aramis.rutgers.edu>

    [mxa1] masuma ahmed <mxa@mail.bellcore.com>

    [mtr] marshall rose <mrose@dbc.mtview.ca.us>

    [raw44] robert a. woodburn <woody@sparta.com>

    [jxc4] john chu <jychu@watson.ibm.com>

    [ned freed]

    [deirdre kostick]

    [joel gyllenskog] joel gyllenskog <jgyllens@hpdmd48.boi.hp.com>

    [robert purvey] robert purvey <bpurvy@us.oracle.com>

    [rxf] richard fox <rfox@synoptics.com>

    [jon saperia] jon saperia <saperia@tcpjon.enet.dec.com>

    reynolds & postel [page 132]

    rfc 1700 assigned numbers october 1994

    [sw159] steven willis <swillis@wellfleet.com>

    [sxw] steve waldbusser <sw01+@andrew.cmu.edu>

    [txb] tracy brown <tacox@mail.bellcore.com>

    [txk] teemu kurki <grus@funet.fi>

    [hartmut wittig]


    url = ftp://ftp.isi.edu/…tes/iana/assignments/smi-numbers

    reynolds & postel [page 133]

    rfc 1700 assigned numbers october 1994

    private enterprise numbers

    smi network management private enterprise codes:

    prefix: iso.org.dod.internet.private.enterprise (

    this file is


    decimal name references
    ------- ---- ----------
    0 reserved joyce k. reynolds <jkrey@isi.edu>
    1 proteon john a. shriver <jas@proteon.com>
    2 ibm vik chandra <vc@ralvm6.vnet.ibm.com>
    3 cmu steve waldbusser <sw01+@andrew.cmu.edu>
    4 unix keith sklower <sklower@okeeffe.berkeley.edu>
    5 acc art berggreen <art@salt.acc.com>
    6 twg john lunny <jlunny@eco.twg.com> (703) 847-4500
    7 cayman beth miaoulis beth@cayman.com
    8 psi marty schoffstahl schoff@nisc.nyser.net
    9 cisco greg satz satz@cisco.com
    10 nsc geof stone geof@network.com
    11 hp r. dwight schettler rds%hpcndm@hplabs.hp.com
    12 epilogue karl auerbac karl@empirical.com
    13 u of tennessee jeffrey case case@utkux1.utk.edu
    14 bbn robert hinden <hinden@eng.sun.com>
    15 xylogics, inc. john r. loverso loverso@westford.ccur.com
    16 timeplex laura bridge laura@uunet.uu.net
    17 canstar sanand patel sanand@hub.toronto.edu
    18 wellfleet caralyn brown cbrown@wellfleet.com
    19 trw jay frederking jayf@blackhole.ind.trw.com
    20 mit jon rochlis jon@athena.mit.edu
    21 eon michael waters ---none---
    22 spartacus yoav kluger ykluger@hawk.ulowell.edu
    23 novell steve bostock steveb@novell.com
    24 spider systems peter reid peter@spider.co.uk
    25 nsfnet hans-werner braun hwb@mcr.umich.edu
    26 hughes lan systems keith mccloghrie kzm@hls.com
    27 intergraph guy streeter guy@guy.bll.ingr.com
    28 interlan bruce taber taber@europa.interlan.com
    29 vitalink communications
    30 ulana bill anderson wda@mitre-bedford.org
    31 nswc stephen northcutt snorthc@relay-nswc.navy.mil
    32 santa cruz operation keith reynolds keithr@sco.com
    33 xyplex bob stewart stewart@xyplex.com
    34 cray hunaid engineer hunaid@opus.cray.com
    35 bell northern research glenn waters gwaters@bnr.ca

    reynolds & postel [page 134]

    rfc 1700 assigned numbers october 1994

    36 dec ron bhanukitsiri rbhank@decvax.dec.com
    37 touch brad benson ---none---
    38 network research corp. bill versteeg bvs@ncr.com
    39 baylor college of medicine stan barber sob@bcm.tmc.edu
    40 nmfecc-llnl steven hunter hunter@ccc.mfecc.llnl.gov
    41 sri david wolfe ctabka@tsca.istc.sri.com
    42 sun microsystems dennis yaro yaro@sun.com
    43 3com jeremy siegel jzs@nsd.3com.com
    44 cmc dave preston ---none---
    45 synoptics david perkins dperkins@synoptics.com
    46 cheyenne software reijane huai sibal@csd2.nyu.edu
    47 prime computer mike spina wizard%enr.prime.com@relay.cs.net
    48 mcnc/north carolina data network ken whitfield ken@mcnc.org
    49 chipcom john cook cook@chipcom.com
    50 optical data systems josh fielk ---none---
    51 gated jeffrey c. honig jch@gated.cornell.edu
    52 cabletron systems roger dev ---none---
    53 apollo computers jeffrey buffun jbuffum@apollo.com
    54 desktalk systems, inc. david kaufman ---none---
    55 ssds ron strich ---none---
    56 castle rock computing john sancho ---none---
    57 mips computer systems charles marker ii marker@mips.com
    58 tgv, inc. ken adelman adelman@tgv.com
    59 silicon graphics, inc. ronald jacoby rj@sgi.com
    60 university of british columbia don mcwilliam mcwillm@cc.ubc.ca
    61 merit bill norton wbn@merit.edu
    62 fibercom eric rubin err@fibercom.com
    63 apple computer inc jim hayes hayes@apple.com
    64 gandalf henry kaijak ---none---
    65 dartmouth philip koch philip.koch@dartmouth.edu
    66 david systems kathryn de graaf degraaf@davidsys.com
    67 reuter bob zaniolo ---none---
    68 cornell laurie collinsworth ljc1@cornell.edu
    69 lms l. michael sabo sabo@dockmaster.ncsc.mil
    70 locus computing corp. arthur salazar lcc.arthur@seas.ucla.edu
    71 nasa steve schoch schoch@ames.arc.nasa.gov
    72 retix alex martin ---none---
    73 boeing jerry geisler ---none---
    74 at&t rich bantel rgb@mtung.att.com
    75 ungermann-bass didier moretti ---none---
    76 digital analysis corporation
    skip koppenhaver stubby!skip@uunet.uu.net
    77 lan manager doug karl karl-d@osu-20.ircc.ohio-state.edu
    78 netlabs jonathan biggar jon@netlabs.com
    79 icl jon infante ---none---
    80 auspex systems brian a. ehrmantraut bae@auspex.com
    81 lannet company efrat ramati ---none---
    82 network computing devices dave mackie lupine!djm@uunet.uu.net

    reynolds & postel [page 135]

    rfc 1700 assigned numbers october 1994

    83 raycom systems bruce willins ---none---
    84 pirelli focom ltd. sam lau ---none---
    85 datability software systems larry fischer lfischer@dss.com
    86 network application technology y.c. wang ---none---
    87 link (lokales informatik-netz karlsruhe)
    guenther schreiner snmp-admin@ira.uka.de
    88 nyu bill russell russell@cmcl2.nyu.edu
    89 rnd rina nethaniel ---none---
    90 intercon systems corporation amanda walker amanda@intercon.com
    91 coral network corporation jason perreault jason@coral.com
    92 webster computer corporation robert r. elz kre@munnari.oz.au
    93 frontier technologies corporation
    prakash ambegaonkar ---none---
    94 nokia data communications douglas egan ---none---
    95 allen-bradely company
    bill king abvax!calvin.icd.ab.com!wrk@uunet.uu.net
    96 cern
    jens t. rasmussen jenst%cernvax.cern.ch@cunyvm.cuny.edu
    97 sigma network systems, inc.
    ken virgile signet!ken@xylogics.com
    98 emerging technologies, inc.
    dennis e. baasch etinc!dennis@uu.psi.com
    99 snmp research jeffrey case case@utkux1.utk.edu
    100 ohio state university
    shamim ahmed ahmed@nisca.ircc.ohio-state.edu
    101 ultra network technologies julie dmytryk
    102 microcom annmarie freitas ---none---
    103 martin marietta astronautic group david rageth dave@mmc.com
    104 micro technology mike erlinger mike@lexcel.com
    105 process software corporation bernie volz volz@process.com
    106 data general corporation
    joanna karwowska karwowska@dg-rtp.dg.com
    107 bull company anthony berent berent@rdgeng.enet.dec.com
    108 emulex corporation jeff freeman ---none---
    109 warwick university computing services
    israel drori raanan@techunix.technion.ac.il
    110 network general corporation
    james davidson ngc!james@uunet.uu.net
    111 oracle john hanley jhanley@oracle.com
    112 control data corporation nelluri l. reddy reddy@uc.msc.umn.edu
    113 hughes aircraft company keith mccloghrie kzm@hls.com
    114 synernetics, inc. jas parmar jas@synnet.com
    115 mitre bede mccall bede@mitre.org
    116 hitachi, ltd. hirotaka usuda ---none---
    117 telebit mark s. lewis mlewis@telebit.com
    118 salomon technology services paul maurer ii ---none---
    119 nec corporation yoshiyuki akiyama

    reynolds & postel [page 136]

    rfc 1700 assigned numbers october 1994

    120 fibermux michael sung msung@ccrelay.fibermux.com
    121 ftp software inc. stev knowles stev@vax.ftp.com
    122 sony takashi hagiwara hagiwara@sm.sony.co.jp
    123 newbridge networks corporation james watt ---none---
    124 racal-milgo information systems maurice r. turcotte
    125 cr systems soren h. sorensen ---none---
    126 dset corporation dan shia dset!shia@uunet.uu.net
    127 computone bill versteeg bvs@ncr.com
    128 tektronix, inc. dennis thomas dennist@tektronix.tek.com
    129 interactive systems corporation
    steve alexander stevea@i88.isc.com
    130 banyan systems inc.
    deepak taneja eepak=taneja%eng%banyan@thing.banyan.com
    131 sintrom datanet limited
    132 bell canada mark fabbi markf@gpu.utcs.utoronto.ca
    133 crosscomm corporation reuben sivan crossc!rsivan@uunet.uu.net
    134 rice university catherine foulston cathyf@rice.edu
    135 t3plus networking, inc. harley frazee harley@io.t3plus.com
    136 concurrent computer corporation
    john r. loverso loverso@westford.ccur.com
    137 basser paul o'donnell paulod@cs.su.oz.au
    138 luxcom
    139 artel jon ziegler ziegler@artel.com
    140 independence technologies, inc. (iti)
    gerard berthet gerard@indetech.com
    141 frontier software development narendra popat ---none---
    142 digital computer limited osamu fujiki ---none---
    143 eyring, inc. ron holt ron@eyring.com
    144 case communications peter kumik ---none---
    145 penril datacomm, inc. keith hogan keith%penril@uunet.uu.net
    146 american airlines bill keatley ---none---
    147 sequent computer systems scott hahn sdh@sequent.com
    148 bellcore kaj tesink kaj@nvuxr.cc.bellcore.com
    149 konkord communications ken jones konkord!ksj@uunet.uu.net
    150 university of washington
    christopher wheeler cwheeler@cac.washignton.edu
    151 develcon sheri mayhew zaphod!sherim@herald.usask.ca
    152 solarix systems paul afshar paul@solar1.portal.com
    153 unifi communications corp. yigal hochberg yigal@unifi.com
    154 roadnet dale shelton ---none---
    155 network systems corp.
    nadya k. el-afandi nadya@khara.network.com
    156 ene (european network engineering) peter cox ---none---
    157 dansk data elektronik a/s per bech hansen pbh@dde.dk
    158 morning star technologies karl fox karl@morningstar.com
    159 dupont eop oscar rodriguez ---none---

    reynolds & postel [page 137]

    rfc 1700 assigned numbers october 1994

    160 legato systems, inc. jon kepecs kepecs@legato.com
    161 motorola sps vince enriquez enriquez@sps.mot.com
    162 european space agency (esa)
    eduardo eduato%esoc.bitnet@cunyvm.cuny.edu
    163 bim bernard lemercier bl@sunbim.be
    164 rad data communications ltd. oft israel ---none---
    165 intellicom paul singh ---none---
    166 shiva corporation phil budne phil@shiva.com
    167 fujikura america debbie reed ---none---
    168 xlnt designs inc (xdi) mike anello mike@xlnt.com
    169 tandem computers rex davis ---none---
    170 bicc david a. brown fzbicdb@uk.ac.ucl
    171 d-link systems, inc. henry p. nagai ---none---
    172 amp, inc. rick downs ---none---
    173 netlink mauro zallocco ---none---
    174 c. itoh electronics larry davis ---none---
    175 sumitomo electric industries (sei)
    kent tsuno tsuno@sumitomo.com
    176 dhl systems, inc.
    david b. gurevich dgurevic@rhubarb.ssf-sys.dhl.com
    177 network equipment technologies mark tom marktom@tom.net.com
    178 aptec computer systems larry burton ssds!larryb@uunet.uu.net
    179 schneider & koch & co, datensysteme gmbh thomas ruf tom@rsp.de
    180 hill air force base russell g. wilson rwilson@oodis01.af.mil
    181 adc kentrox bruce kropp ktxc8!bruce@uunet.uu.net
    182 japan radio co. nagayuki kojima nkojima@lab.nihonmusen.co.jp
    183 versitron matt harris ---none---
    184 telecommunication systems hugh lockhart ---none---
    185 interphase gil widdowson ---none---
    186 toshiba corporation mike asagami toshiba@mothra.nts.uci.edu
    187 clearpoint research corp.
    188 ascom andrew smith andrew@hasler.ascom.ch
    189 fujitsu america chung lam ---none---
    190 netcom solutions, inc. dale cabell---none---
    191 ncr cheryl krupczak clefor@secola.columbia.ncr.com
    192 dr. materna gmbh torsten beyer tb@materna.de
    193 ericsson business communications gunnar nilsson ---none---
    194 metaphor computer systems paul rodwick ---none---
    195 patriot partners paul rodwick ---none---
    196 the software group limited (tsg)
    ragnar paulson tsgfred!ragnar@uunet.uu.net
    197 kalpana, inc. anil bhavnani ---none---
    198 university of waterloo
    r. j. white snmp-tech@watmath.waterloo.edu
    199 ccl/itri
    ming-perng chen n100cmp0%twnitri1.bitnet@cunyvm.cuny.edu
    200 coeur postel professor kynikos special consultant
    201 mitsubish cable industries, ltd. masahiko hori ---none---

    reynolds & postel [page 138]

    rfc 1700 assigned numbers october 1994

    202 smc lance sprung ---none---
    203 crescendo communication, inc. prem jain prem@cres.com
    204 goodall software engineering doug goodall goodall@crl.com
    205 intecom brad parke ---none---
    206 victoria university of wellington
    jonathan stone jonathan@isor.vuw.ac.nz
    207 allied telesis, inc.
    scott holley scott_clinton_holley@cup.portal.com
    208 dowty network systems a/s hartvig ekner hj@dowtyns.dk
    209 protools glen arp ---none---
    210 nippon telegraph and telephone corp.
    toshiharu sugawara sugawara%wink.ntt.jp@relay.cs.net
    211 fujitsu limited ippei hayashi hayashi@sysrap.cs.fujitsu.co.jp
    212 network peripherals inc. creighton chong cchong@fastnet.com
    213 netronix, inc. jacques roth ---none---
    214 university of wisconsin - madison
    dave windorski david.windorski@mail.admin.wisc.edu
    215 networth, inc. craig scott ---none---
    216 tandberg data a/s harald hoeg haho%huldra.uucp@nac.no
    217 technically elite concepts, inc.
    russell s. dietz russell_dietz@mcimail.com
    218 labtam australia pty. ltd.
    michael podhorodecki michael@labtam.oz.au
    219 republic telcom systems, inc.
    steve harris rtsc!harris@boulder.colorado.edu
    220 adi systems, inc. paul liu ---none---
    221 microwave bypass systems, inc. tad artis ---none---
    222 pyramid technology corp. richard rein rein@pyramid.com
    223 unisys_corp lawrence brow ---none---
    224 lanoptics ltd., israel
    israel drori raanan@techunix.technion.ac.il
    225 nkk corporation j. yoshida ---none---
    226 mtrade uk ltd. peter delchiappo ---none---
    227 acals patrick cheng pcheng@dill.ind.trw.com
    228 astec, inc. hiroshi fujii fujii@astec.co.jp
    229 delmarva power john k. scoggin, jr. scoggin@delmarva.com
    230 telematics international, inc. kevin smith ---none---
    231 siemens nixdorf informations syteme ag
    gunther kroenert ---none---
    232 compaq
    233 netmanage, inc. william dunn netmanage@cup.portal.com
    234 ncsu computing center david joyner david@unity.ncsu.edu
    235 empirical tools and technologies
    karl auerbach karl@empirical.com
    236 samsung group hong k. paik paik@samsung.com
    237 takaoka electric mfg. co., ltd.
    hidekazu hagiwara hagiwara@takaoka.takaoka-electric.co.jp
    238 netrix systems corporation eldon s. mast esm@netrix.com

    reynolds & postel [page 139]

    rfc 1700 assigned numbers october 1994

    239 windata bob rosenbaum ---none---
    240 rc international a/s carl h. dreyer chd@rci.dk
    241 netexp research henk boetzkes ---none---
    242 internode systems pty ltd
    simon hackett simon@ucs.adelaide.edu.au
    243 netcs informationstechnik gmbh
    oliver korfmacher okorf@bunt.netcs.com
    244 lantronix rich lyman rich@alecto.gordian.com
    245 avatar consultants
    kory hamzeh ames!avatar.com!kory@harvard.harvard.edu
    246 furukawa electoric co. ltd.
    shoji fukutomi kddlab!polo.furukawa.co.jp!fuku@uunet.uu.net
    247 aeg electrcom r. nurnberg ---none---
    248 richard hirschmann gmbh & co.
    heinz nisi mia@intsun.rus.uni-stuttgart.de
    249 g2r inc. khalid hireche ---none---
    250 university of michigan
    tim howes tim.howes@terminator.cc.umich.edu
    251 netcomm, ltd. w.r. maynard-smith ---none---
    252 sable technology corporation rodney thayer ---none---
    253 xerox edwards e. reed ipcontact.cin_ops@xerox.com
    254 conware computer consulting gmbh
    michael sapich sapich@conware.de
    255 compatible systems corp. john gawf gawf@compatible.com
    256 scitec communications systems ltd. stephen lewis ---none---
    257 transarc corporation pat barron pat_barron@transarc.com
    258 matsushita electric industrial co., ltd.
    nob mizuno mizuno@isl.mei.co.jp
    259 accton technology don rooney ---none---
    260 star-tek, inc. carl madison carl@startek.com
    261 codenoll tech. corp. dan willie ---none---
    262 formation, inc. carl marcinik ---none---
    263 seiko instruments, inc. (sii) yasuyoshi watanabe ---none---
    264 rce (reseaux de communication d'entreprise s.a.)
    etienne baudras-chardigny ---none---
    265 xenocom, inc. sean welch welch@raven.ulowell.edu
    266 kabelrheydt hubert theissen ---none---
    267 systech computer corporation
    brian petry systech!bpetry@uunet.uu.net
    268 visual brian o'shea bos@visual.com
    269 sdd (scandinavian airlines data denmark a/s)
    per futtrup ---none---
    270 zenith electronics corporation david lin ---none---
    271 telecom finland petri jokela ---none---
    272 bintec computersystems marc sheldon ms@bintec.de
    273 eunet germany marc sheldon ms@germany.eu.net
    274 picturetel corporation oliver jones oj@pictel.com
    275 michigan state university lih-er wey weyle@msu.edu

    reynolds & postel [page 140]

    rfc 1700 assigned numbers october 1994

    276 gte telecom incorporated grant gifford ---none---
    277 cascade communications corp.
    chikong shue alpo!chi@uunet.uu.net
    278 hitachi cable, ltd. takahiro asai ---none---
    279 olivetti marco framba framba@orc.olivetti.com
    280 vitacom corporation parag rastogi parag@cup.portal.com
    281 inmos graham hudspith gwh@inmos.co.uk
    282 aic systems laboratories ltd. glenn mansfield glenn@aic.co.jp
    283 cameo communications, inc. alan brind ---none---
    284 diab data ab mats lindstrom mli@diab.se
    285 olicom a/s lars povlsen krus@olicom.dk
    286 digital-kienzle computersystems hans jurgen dorr ---none---
    287 cselt(centro studi e laboratori telecomunicazioni)
    paolo coppo coppo@cz8700.cselt.stet.it
    288 electronic data systems mark holobach holobach@tis.eds.com
    289 mcdata corporation glenn levitt gpl0363@mcmail.mcdata.com
    290 harris corporation david rhein davidr@ssd.csd.harris.com
    291 technology dynamics, inc. chip standifer tdynamics@mcimail.com
    292 datahouse information systems ltd. kim le ---none---
    293 dsir network group tony van der peet srghtvp@grv.dsir.govt.nz
    294 texas instruments blair sanders blair_sanders@mcimail.com
    295 plaintree systems inc. paul chefurka chefurka@plntree.uucp
    296 hedemann software development
    stefan hedemann 100015.2504@compuserve.com
    297 fuji xerox co., ltd. hiroshi kume
    298 asante technology hsiang ming ma ---none---
    299 stanford university
    rl "bob" morgan morgan@jessica.stanford.edu
    300 digital link jimmy tu jimmy@dl.com
    301 raylan corporation mark s. lewis mlewis@telebit.com
    302 datacraft alan lloyd alan@datacraft.oz
    303 hughes keith mccloghrie kzm@hls.com
    304 farallon computing, inc. steven sweeney ---none---
    305 ge information services steve bush sfb@ncoast.org
    306 gambit computer communications zohar seigal ---none---
    307 livingston enterprises, inc.
    steve willens steve@livingston.com
    308 star technologies jim miner miner@star.com
    309 micronics computers inc. darren croke dc@micronics.com
    310 basis, inc. heidi stettner heidi@mtxinu.com
    311 microsoft john m. ballard jballard@microsoft.com
    312 us west advance technologies
    donna hopkins dmhopki@uswat.uswest.com
    313 university college london shaw c. chuang s.chuang@cs.ucl.ac.uk
    314 eastman kodak company w. james colosky wjc@tornado.kodak.com
    315 network resources corporation kathy weninger ---none---
    316 atlas telecom bruce kropp ktxc8!bruce@uunet.uu.net

    reynolds & postel [page 141]

    rfc 1700 assigned numbers october 1994

    317 bridgeway umberto vizcaino ---none---
    318 american power conversion corp.
    peter c. yoest apc!yoest@uunet.uu.net
    319 doe atmospheric radiation measurement project
    paul krystosek krystosk@eid.anl.gov
    320 versteeg codeworks bill versteeg bvs@ncr.com
    321 verilink corp bill versteeg bvs@ncr.com
    322 sybus corportation mark t. dauscher mdauscher@sybus.com
    323 tekelec bob grady ---none---
    324 nasa ames research cente nick cuccia cuccia@nas.nasa.gov
    325 simon fraser university robert urquhart quipu@sfu.ca
    326 fore systems, inc. eric cooper ecc@fore.com
    327 centrum communications, inc. vince liu ---none---
    328 next computer, inc.
    lennart lovstrand lennart_lovstrand@next.com
    329 netcore, inc. skip morton ---none---
    330 northwest digital systems brian dockter ---none---
    331 andrew corporation ted tran ---none---
    332 digiboard dror kessler dror@digibd.com
    333 computer network technology corp. bob meierhofer ---none---
    334 lotus development corp. bill flanagan bflanagan@lotus.com
    335 micom communication corporation
    donna beatty sysad@prime.micom.com
    336 ascii corporation toshiharu ohno tony-o@ascii.co.jp
    337 puredata research tony baxter tony@puredata.com
    338 ntt data yasuhiro kohata kohata@rd.nttdata.jp
    339 empros systems international david taylor dtaylor@ems.cdc.ca
    340 kendall square research (ksr) dave hudson tdh@uunet.uu.net
    341 martin marietta energy systems gary haney haneyg@ornl.gov
    342 network innovations pete grillo pl0143@mail.psi.net
    343 intel corporation brady orand borand@pcocd2.intel.com
    344 proxar ching-fa hwang cfh@proxar.com
    345 epson research center richard schneider rschneid@epson.com
    346 fibernet george sandoval ---none---
    347 box hill systems corporation tim jones tim@boxhill.com
    348 american express travel related services
    jeff carton jcarton@amex-trs.com
    349 compu-shack tomas vocetka opler%csearn.bitnet@cunyvm.cuny.edu
    350 parallan computer, inc. charles dulin ---none---
    351 stratacom clyde iwamoto cki@strata.com
    352 open networks engineering, inc. russ blaesing rrb@one.com
    353 atm forum keith mccloghrie kzm@hls.com
    354 ssd management, inc. bill rose ---none---
    355 automated network management, inc. carl vanderbeek ---none--
    356 magnalink communications corporation
    david e. kaufman ---none---
    357 til systems, ltd. garry mccracken ---none---
    358 skyline technology, inc. don weir ---none---

    reynolds & postel [page 142]

    rfc 1700 assigned numbers october 1994

    359 nu-mega technologies, inc. dirk smith ---none---
    360 morgan stanley & co. inc.
    victor kazdoba vsk@katana.is.morgan.com
    361 integrated business network michael bell ---none---
    362 l & n technologies, ltd. steve loring ---none---
    363 cincinnati bell information systems, inc.
    deron meranda dmeranda@cbis.com
    364 oscom international
    farhad fozdar f_fozdar@fennel.cc.uwa.edu.au
    365 micrognosis paul andon pandon@micrognosis.co.uk
    366 datapoint corporation lee ziegenhals lcz@sat.datapoint.com
    367 ricoh co. ltd.
    toshio watanabe watanabe@godzilla.rsc.spdd.ricoh.co.jp
    368 axis communications ab martin gren martin@axis.se
    369 pacer software wayne tackabury wft@pacersoft.com
    370 axon networks inc. robin iddon axon@cix.clink.co.uk
    371 brixton systems, inc. peter s. easton easton@brixton.com
    372 gsi etienne demailly etienne.demailly@gsi.fr
    373 tatung co., ltd.
    chih-yi chen tccism1%twnttit.bitnet@pucc.princeton.edu
    374 dis research ltd. ray compton rayc@command.com
    375 quotron systems, inc.
    richard p. stubbs richard@atd.quotron.com
    376 dassault electronique
    olivier j. caleff caleff@dassault-elec.fr
    377 corollary, inc. james l. gula gula@corollary.com
    378 seel, ltd. ken ritchie ---none---
    379 lexcel mike erlinger mike@lexcel.com
    380 sophisticated technologies, inc.
    bill parducci 70262.1267@compuserve.com
    381 ost a. pele ---none---
    382 megadata pty ltd. andrew mcrae andrew@megadata.mega.oz.au
    383 llnl livermore computer center
    dan nessett nessett@ocfmail.ocf.llnl.gov
    384 dynatech communications graham welling s8000!gcw@uunet.uu.net
    385 symplex communications corp. cyrus azar ---none---
    386 tribe computer works ken fujimoto fuji@tribe.com
    387 taligent, inc. lorenzo aguilar lorenzo@taligent.com
    388 symbol technologies, inc.
    john kramer +1-408-369-2679 jkramer@psd.symbol.com
    389 lancert mark hankin ---none---
    390 alantec paul v. fries pvf@alantec.com
    391 ridgeback solutions
    errol ginsberg bacchus!zulu!errol@uu2.psi.com
    392 metrix, inc. d. venkatrangan venkat@metrix.com
    393 excutive systems/xtree company
    dale cabell cabell@smtp.xtree.com
    394 nrl communication systems branch

    reynolds & postel [page 143]

    rfc 1700 assigned numbers october 1994

    r. k. nair nair@itd.nrl.navy.mil
    395 i.d.e. corporation rob spade ---none---
    396 matsushita electric works, ltd.
    claude huss claude@trc.mew.mei.co.jp
    397 megapac ian george ---none---
    398 pilkington communication systems dave atkinson ---none---
    399 hitachi computer products (america), inc.
    masha golosovker masha@hicomb.hi.com
    400 meteo france remy giraud remy.giraud@meteo.fr
    401 prc inc. jim noble noble_jim@prc.com
    402 wal*mart stores, inc. mike fitzgerel mlfitzg@wal-mart.com
    403 nissin electric company, ltd. aki komatsuzaki (408) 737-0274
    404 distributed support information standard
    mike migliano <mike@uwm.edu>
    405 smds interest group (sig)
    elysia c. tan <ecmt1@sword.bellcore.com>
    406 solcom systems ltd. hugh evans 0506 873855
    407 bell atlantic colin desa socrates!bm5ld15@bagout.bell-atl.com
    408 advanced multiuser technologies corporation
    409 mitsubishi electric corporation
    yoshitaka ogawa <ogawa@nkai.cow.melco.co.jp>
    410 c.o.l. systems, inc. frank castellucci (914) 277-4312
    411 university of auckland
    nevil brownlee < n.brownlee@aukuni.ac.nz>
    412 desktop management task force (dmtf)
    dave perkins <dperkins@synoptics.com>
    413 klever computers, inc. tom su 408-735-7723 kci@netcom.com
    414 amdahl corporation steve young sy@uts.admahl.com
    415 jtec pty, ltd. jan bartel (02) 809 6933
    416 matra communcation hong-loc nguyen (33.1)
    417 hal computer systems michael a. petonic petonic@hal.com
    418 lawrence berkeley laboratory russ wright wright@lbl.gov
    419 dale computer corporation dean craven 1-800-336-7483
    420 iptc, universitaet of tuebingen
    andreas j. haug <ahaug@mailserv.zdv.uni-tuebingen.de>
    421 bytex corporation
    mary ann burt <bytex!ws054!maryann@uunet.uu.net>
    422 cogwheel, inc. brian ellis bri@cogwheel.com
    423 lanwan technologies thomas liu (408) 986-8899
    424 thomas-conrad corporation karen boyd 512-836-1935
    425 txport bill versteeg bvs@ver.com
    426 compex, inc. andrew corlett bda@orion.oac.uci.edu
    427 evergreen systems, inc. bill grace (415) 897-8888
    428 hnv, inc. james r. simons jrs@denver.ssds.com
    429 u.s. robotics, inc. chris rozman chrisr@usr.com
    430 canada post corporation walter brown +1 613 722-8843
    431 open systems solutions, inc. david ko davidk@ossi.com
    432 toronto stock exchange paul kwan (416) 947-4284

    reynolds & postel [page 144]

    rfc 1700 assigned numbers october 1994

    433 mamakostranssys consulting
    louis a. mamakos louie@transsys.com
    434 eicon vartan narikian vartan@eicon.qc.ca
    435 jupiter systems russell leefer rml@jupiter.com
    436 ssti philip calas (33) 61 44 19 51
    437 grand junction networks randy ryals randyr@grandjunction.com
    438 anasazi, inc. chad larson (chad@anasazi.com)
    439 edward d. jones and company john caruso (314) 851-3422
    440 amnet, inc. richard mak mak@amnet.com
    441 chase research kevin gage ---none---
    442 peer networks randy presuhn randy@peer.com
    443 gateway communications, inc. ed fudurich ---none---
    444 peregrine systems eric olinger eric@peregrine.com
    445 daewoo telecom seeyoung oh oco@scorpio.dwt.co.kr
    446 norwegian telecom research paul hoff paalh@brage.nta.no
    447 wiltel anil prasad anil_prasad@wiltel.com
    448 ericsson-camtec satish popat ---none---
    449 codex thomas mcginty ---none---
    450 basis heidi stettner heidi@mtxinu.com
    451 age logic syd logan syd@age.com
    452 inde electronics gordon day gday@inde.ubc.ca
    453 isode consortium steve kille s.kille@isode.com
    454 j.i. case mike oswald mike@helios.uwsp.edu
    455 trillium jeff lawrence j_lawrence@trillium.com
    456 bacchus inc. errol ginsberg bacchus!zulu!errol@uu2.psi.com
    457 mcc doug rosenthal rosenthal@mcc.com
    458 stratus computer dave snay dks@sw.stratus.com
    459 quotron richard p. stubbs richard@atd.quotron.com
    460 beame & whiteside carl beame beame@ns.bws.com
    461 cellular technical services greg hummel ---none---
    462 shore microsystems, inc. gordon elam (309) 229-3009
    463 telecommunications techniques corp. tom nisbet nisbet@tt.com
    464 dnpap (technical university delft)
    jan van oorschot <bjan.voorschot@dnpap.et.tudelft.nl>
    465 plexcom, inc. bruce miller (805) 522-3333
    466 tylink stavros mohlulis (508) 285-0033
    467 brookhaven national laboratory
    dave stampf drs@bach.ccd.bnl.gov
    468 computer communication systems
    gerard laborde <gerard.laborde@sp1.y-net.fr>
    469 norand corp. rose gorrell 319-269-3100
    470 mux-lap philippe labrosse 514-735-2741
    471 premisys communications, inc
    mike macfaden <premisys!mike@fernwood.mpk.ca.us>
    472 bell south telecommunications johnny walker 205-988-7105
    473 j. stainsbury plc steve parker 44-71-921-7550
    474 ki research inc toni barckley 410-290-0355x220
    475 wandel and goltermann technologies

    reynolds & postel [page 145]

    rfc 1700 assigned numbers october 1994

    david walters 919-941-5730x4203 <walter@wg.com>
    476 emerson computer power
    roger draper 714-457-3638 rdraper@cerf.net
    477 network software associates jeffery chiao 714-768-4013
    478 procter and gamble peter marshall 513-983-1100x5988
    479 meridian technology corporation
    kenneth b. denson <kdenson@magic.meridiantc.com>
    480 qms, inc. bill lott lott@imagen.com
    481 network express tom jarema 313-761-5051 itoh@msen.com
    482 lancity corporation pam yassini pam@lancity.com
    483 dayna communications, inc.
    sanchaita datta datta@signus.utah.edu
    484 kn-x ltd. sam lau 44 943 467007
    485 sync research, inc. alan bartky (714) 588-2070
    486 premnet ken huang huangk@rimail.interlan.com
    487 siac peter ripp (212) 383-9061
    488 new york stock exchange peter ripp (212) 383-9061
    489 american stock exchange peter ripp (212) 383-9061
    490 fcr software, inc. brad parker brad@fcr.com
    491 national medical care, inc. robert phelan (617) 466-9850
    492 dialogue communication systemes, s.a.
    klaus handke +(49) 30 802 24 97
    493 nortele bjorn kvile +47 2 48 89 90
    494 madge networks, inc.
    duncan greatwood dgreatwo@madge.mhs.compuserve.com
    495 memotec communications graham higgins ghiggins@teleglobe.com
    496 cton nick hennenfent nicholas@cton.com
    497 leap technology, inc. george economou george@leap.com
    498 general datacomm, inc. william meltzer meltzer@gdc.com
    499 ace communications, ltd. danny on 972-3-570-1423
    500 automatic data processing (adp) alex rosin (201) 714-3982
    501 programa spritel alberto martinez
    502 adacom aial haorch 972-4-899-899
    503 metrodata ltd nick brown 100022.767@compuserve.com
    504 ellemtel telecommunication systems laboratories
    richard g bruvik richard.bruvik@eua.ericsson.se
    505 arizona public service duane booher dbooher@apsc.com
    506 netwiz, ltd., emanuel wind eumzvir@techunix.technion.ac.il
    507 science and engineering research council (serc) paul kummer
    508 the first boston corporation kevin chou
    509 hadax electronics inc. marian kramarczyk
    510 vtkk markku lamminluoto lamminluoto@vtkes1.vtkk.fi
    511 north hills israel ltd. carmi cohen carmi@north.hellnet.org
    512 tecsiel r. burlon sr@teculx.tecsiel.it

    reynolds & postel [page 146]

    rfc 1700 assigned numbers october 1994

    513 bayerische motoren werke (bmw) ag michael connolly
    514 cnet technologies nelson su 408-954-8000
    515 mci kurt robohm krobohm@mcimail.com
    516 human engineering ag (heag) urs brunner
    517 filenet corporation joe raby raby@filenet.com
    518 nft-ericsson kjetil donasen +47 2 84 24 00
    519 dun & bradstreet vic smagovic 908-464-2079
    520 intercomputer communications brian kean 513-745-0500x244
    521 defense intelligence agency
    barry atkinson dia-dms@ddn-conus.ddn.mil
    522 telesystems slw inc. joe magony 416-441-9966
    523 apt communications david kloper 301-831-1182
    524 delta airlines jim guy 404-715-2948
    525 california microwave kevin braun 408-720-6520
    526 avid technology inc steve olynyk 508-640-3328
    527 integro advanced computer systems
    pascal turbiez +33-20-08-00-40
    528 rpti chris shin 886-2-918-3006
    529 ascend communications inc. marc hyman 510-769-6001
    530 eden computer systems inc. louis brando 305-591-7752
    531 kawasaki-steel corp
    tomoo watanabe nrd@info.kawasaki-steel.co.jp
    532 barclays malcolm houghton +44 202 671 212
    533 b.u.g., inc. isao tateishi tateishi@bug.co.jp
    534 exide electronics brian hammill hamill@dolphin.exide.com
    535 superconducting supercollider lab.
    carl w. kalbfleisch cwk@irrational.ssc.gov
    536 triticom jim bales (612) 937-0772
    537 universal instruments corp.
    tom dinnel ba06791%bingvaxa.bitnet@cunyvm.cuny.edu
    538 information resources, inc. jeff gear jjg@infores.com
    539 applied innovation, inc. dean dayton dean@aicorp.cmhnet.org
    540 crypto ag roland luthi luthi@iis.ethz.ch
    541 infinite networks, ltd. sean harding +44 923 710 277
    542 rabbit software bill kwan kwan@rabbit.com
    543 apertus technologies stuart stanley stuarts@apertus.com
    544 equinox systems, inc. monty norwood 1-800-275-3500 x293
    545 hayes microcomputer products
    chris roussel hayes!hayes.com!croussel@uunet.uu.net
    546 empire technologies inc. cheryl krupczak cheryl@cc.gatech.edu
    547 glaxochem, ltd. andy wilson 0229 52261547
    548 kpy network partners, corp.
    gordon vickers sccs@pizza.netcom.com
    549 agent technology, inc. ibi dhilla idhilla@genesis.nred.ma.us
    550 dornier gmbh arens heinrech 49-7545-8 ext 9337
    551 telxon corporation frank ciotti frankc@teleng.telxon.com

    reynolds & postel [page 147]

    rfc 1700 assigned numbers october 1994

    552 entergy corporation louis cureau 504-364-7630
    553 garrett communications inc. igor khasin (408) 980-9752
    554 agile networks, inc. dave donegan ddonegan@agile.com
    555 larscom sameer jayakar 415-969-7572
    556 stock equipment karl klebenow 216-543-6000
    557 itt corporation kevin m. mccauley kmm@vaxf.acdnj.itt.com
    558 universal data systems, inc.
    howard cunningham 70400.3671@compuserve.com
    559 sonix communications, ltd. david webster +44 285 641 651
    560 paul freeman associates, inc.
    pete wilson pwilson@world.std.com
    561 john s. barnes, corp. michael lynch 704-878-4107
    562 northern telecom, ltd.
    glenn waters 613-763-3933 <gwaters@bnr.ca>
    563 cap debris patrick preuss ppr@lfs.hamburg.cap-debris.de
    564 telco systems nac harry hirani harry@telco-nac.com
    565 tosco refining co fred sanderson 510-602-4358
    566 russell info sys atul desai 714-362-4040
    567 university of salford richard letts r.j.letts@salford.ac.uk
    568 netquest corp. jerry jacobus netquest@tigger.jvnc.net
    569 armon networking ltd. yigal jacoby yigal@armon.hellnet.org
    570 ia corporation didier fort didier.fort@lia.com
    571 au-system communicaton ab torbjorn ryding 8-7267572
    572 goldstar information & communications, ltd.
    soo n. kim ksn@giconet.gsic.co.kr
    573 sectra ab tommy pedersen tcp@sectra.se
    574 oneac corporation bill elliot oneacwre@aol.com
    575 tree technologies michael demjanenko (716) 688-4640
    576 gte government systems henry hernandez (617) 455-2942
    577 denmac systems, inc. andy denenberg (708) 291-7760
    578 interlink computer sciences, inc.
    mike mazurek mfm@interlink.com
    579 bridge information systems, inc. stephen harvey (314) 567-8482
    580 leeds and northrup australia (lna) nigel cook nigelc@lna.oz.au
    581 bha computer david hislop rob@bha.oz.au
    582 newport systems solutions, inc.
    pauline chen paulinec@netcom.com
    583 atrium technologies narender reddy vangati vnr@atrium.com
    584 robotiker maribel narganes maribel@teletek.es
    585 peerlogic inc. ratinder ahuja ratinder@peerlogic.com
    586 digital transmittion systems bill versteeg bvs@ver.com
    587 far point communications bill versteeg bvs@ver.com
    588 xircom bill versteeg bvs@ver.com
    589 mead data central stephanie bowman steph@meaddata.com
    590 royal bank of canada n. lim (416) 348-5197
    591 advantis, inc. janet brehm 813 878-4298
    592 chemical banking corp. paul mcdonnell pmcdonnl@world.std.com
    593 eagle technology ted haynes (408) 441-4043

    reynolds & postel [page 148]

    rfc 1700 assigned numbers october 1994

    594 british telecom ray smyth rsmyth@bfsec.bt.co.uk
    595 radix bv p. groenendaal project2@radix.nl
    596 tainet communication system corp.
    joseph chen +886-2-6583000 (r.o.c.)
    597 comtek services inc. steve harris (703) 506-9556
    598 fair issac steve pasadis apple.com!fico!sxp (415) 472-2211
    599 ast research inc. bob beard bobb@ast.com
    600 soft*star s.r.l. ing. enrico badella softstar@pol88a.polito.it
    601 bancomm joe fontes jwf@bancomm.com
    602 trusted information systems, inc.
    james m. galvin galvin@tis.com
    603 harris & jeffries, inc. deepak shahane hjinc@cerf.net
    604 axel technology corp. henry ngai (714) 455-1688
    605 gn navtel, inc. joe magony 416-479-8090
    606 cap debis patrick preuss +49 40 527 28 366
    607 lachman technology, inc. steve alexander stevea@lachman.com
    608 galcom networking ltd.
    zeev greenblatt galnet@vax.trendline.co.il
    609 bazis m. van luijt martin@bazis.nl
    610 synaptel eric remond remond@synaptel.fr
    611 investment management services, inc.
    j. laurens troost rens@stimpys.imsi.com
    612 taiwan telecommunication lab
    dennis tseng louis%twnmoctl.bitnet@pucc.princeton.edu
    613 anagram corporation michael demjanenko (716) 688-4640
    614 univel john nunneley jnunnele@univel.com
    615 university of california, san diego
    arthur bierer abierer@ucsd.edu
    616 compuserve ed isaacs, brian biggs sysadm@csi.compuserve.com
    617 telstra - otc australia
    peter hanselmann peterhan@turin.research.otc.com.au
    618 westinghouse electric corp.
    ananth kupanna ananth@access.digex.com
    619 dga ltd. tom l. willis twillis@pintu.demon.co.uk
    620 elegant communications inc.
    robert story robert.story@elegant.com
    621 experdata claude lubin clubin@expdat.gna.org
    622 unisource business networks sweden ab
    goran sterner gsr@tip.net
    623 molex, inc. steven joffe molex@mcimail.com
    624 quay financial software mick fleming mickf@quay.ie
    625 vmx inc. joga ryali joga@vmxi.cerfnet.com
    626 hypercom, inc. noor chowdhury (602) 548-2113
    627 university of guelph kent percival percival@ccs.uoguelph.ca
    628 dialogika juergen jungfleisch 0 68 97 9 35-0
    629 nbase switch communication
    sergiu rotenstein 75250.1477@compuserve.com
    630 anchor datacomm b.v. erik snoek sdrierik@diamond.sara.nl

    reynolds & postel [page 149]

    rfc 1700 assigned numbers october 1994

    631 pacdata john reed johnr@hagar.pacdata.com
    632 university of colorado evi nemeth evi@cs.colorado.edu
    633 tricom communications limited
    robert barrett 0005114429@mcimail.com
    634 santix software gmbh
    michael santifaller santi%mozart@santix.guug.de
    635 fastcomm communications corp.
    bill flanagan 70632.1446@compuserve.com
    636 the georgia institute of technology
    michael mealling michael.mealling@oit.gatech.edu
    637 alcatel data networks
    douglas e. johnson doug.e.johnson@adn.sprint.com
    638 gtech brian ruptash bar@gtech.com
    639 unocal corporation peter ho ho@unocal.com
    640 first pacific network randy hamilton 408-703-2763
    641 lexmark international don wright don@lexmark.com
    642 qnix computer sang weon, yoo swyoo@qns.qnix.co.kr
    643 jigsaw software concepts (pty) ltd.
    willem van biljon wvb@itu2.sun.ac.za
    644 vir, inc. mark cotton (215) 364-7955
    645 sfa datacomm inc. don lechthaler lech@world.std.com
    646 seiko telecommunication systems, inc.
    lyn t. robertson (503) 526-5638
    647 unified management andy barnhouse (612) 561-4944
    648 radlinx ltd. ady lifshes ady%rndi@uunet.uu.net
    649 microplex systems ltd. henry lee hyl@microplex.com
    650 objecta elektronik & data ab johan finnved jf@objecta.se
    651 phoenix microsystems bill versteeg bvs@ver.com
    652 distributed systems international, inc.
    ron mackey rem@dsiinc.com
    653 evolving systems, inc. judith c. bettinger judy@evolving.com
    654 sat gmbh walter eichelburg 100063.74@compuserve.com
    655 celan technology, inc. mark liu 886--35-772780
    656 landmark systems corp.
    steve sonnenberg steves@socrates.umd.edu
    657 netone systems co., ltd.
    yongkui shao syk@new-news.netone.co.jp
    658 loral data systems jeff price jprice@cps070.lds.loral.com
    659 cellware broadband technology michael roth mike@cellware.de
    660 mu-systems gaylord miyata miyata@world.std.com
    661 imc networks corp. jerry roby (714) 724-1070
    662 octel communications corp. alan newman (408) 321-5182
    663 rit technologies ltd. ghiora drori drori@dcl.hellnet.org
    664 adtran jeff wells 205-971-8000
    665 powerplay technologies, inc. ray caruso rayman@csn.org
    666 oki electric industry co., ltd.
    shigeru urushibara uru@cs1.cs.oki.co.jp
    667 specialix international jeremy rolls jeremyr@specialix.co.uk
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