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  • terrance: shut your f**king face uncle f**ka
    you're a c*ck sucking ass licking uncle f**ka
    you're an uncle f**ka, yes its true
    nobody f**ks uncles quite like you
    phillip: shut your f**king face uncle f**ka
    you're the one that f**ked your uncle, uncle f*ka
    you dont eat or sleep or mow the lawn,
    you just f**k your uncle all day long
    terrance: hmm!
    guy: what's going on here?
    people: oooooooh!
    f**ker f**ker uncle f**ka f**ka f**ka f**ka f**ka
    t&p:shut your f**king face uncle f**ka
    terrance: uncle f**ka
    terrance: you're a bonefying bastard uncle f**ka
    phillip: you're an uncle f**ka i must say
    terrance: well you f**ked your uncle yesterday
    everyone: (laughing)
    people: uncle f**ka... thats
    everyone: u-n-c-l-e f**k you uncle
    f**kaaaaaaaaaaaaa tonight...
    phillip: ...suck my balls!
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