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    same old story is back again
    she's not a lover, she's just a friend
    i'm sick and tired for you to blame on me
    now you think it's funny
    now you wanna spend your money on girls
    but you forgot when you were down
    that i was around

    call my lover, hang up, call again
    what in the world is happening
    listen in, but don't yell at me
    isn't it ironic all you wanna do is smoke chronic
    boy, you forgot when you were down
    who was around

    [1] - i can't eat, i can't sleep anymore
    waiting for love to walk through the door
    i wish i didn't miss you anymore

    memories don't live like people do
    i'm sick for ever believing you
    wish you'd bring back the man i knew
    was good to me, oh lord
    everytime you say you're coming
    boy, you disappoint me, honey
    how well you forgot when you were down
    and i was around

    [repeat 1]
    [repeat 1]

    one of these days, it's gonna happen to you
    missing a love like i'm missing you, babe yeah yeah
    one of these days, when your dreams come true
    that's the one that's gonna do it to you
    oh oh oh, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah
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