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  • sair otesi. we set to sea again...

    three boulders

    three boulders, a few burnt pines and a chapel
    and further above
    the same landscape begins again;
    three boulders in the shape of a gate, rusted,
    a few burnt pines black and yellow
    and a square little house buried in whitewash
    and further above still, many times
    the same landscape begins again in scales
    until the horizon, until the sky that is setting.

    here we moored the boat to splice the broken oars,
    to drink water and sleep.

    the sea that made us bitter is deep and unexplorable
    and it unfolds a vast tranquillity.

    here in the pebbles we found a coin
    and rolled the dice for it.

    the youngest won it and disappeared.
    we set to sea again with our broken oars.

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