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  • opeth'in morningrise albumunun dorduncu ve en uzun sarkisi.

    in the name of desperation
    i call your name
    a lamentation i sigh
    again and again
    spiritual eclipse
    the gateways are closed for me to seek
    the night...
    a veil of stars, watching
    my shadow is born from light
    the light of the eye, in darkness
    over troubled waters memories soar
    endlessly, searching night and day
    the moonlight caresses a lonely hill
    with the calmness of a whisper
    i wear a naked soul
    a blank face in the streaming water
    it is cold in here
    frost scar my coat with dust
    eyes attach to your mute portrait
    we spoke only through thoughts
    together we gazed, awaited
    hours brought thirst and the rising sun
    sunbirds leave their dark recesses
    shadows gild the archways
    do not turn your face towards me
    confronting me with my loneliness
    you are in a forest unknown
    the secret orchard
    and your voice is vast and achromatic
    but still so precious
    lullaby of the crescent moon took you
    mesmerized, its kaleidoscopic face
    granted you a hollow stare
    another soul within the divine herd
    i have kept it
    the amaranth symbol
    hidden inside the golden shrine
    until we rejoice in the meadow
    of the end
    when we both walk the shadows
    it will set ablaze and vanish
    black rose immortal
    it is getting dark again
    dusk shuffle across the fields
    the evening trees moan as if they knew
    at night i always dream of you
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