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  • yeni bir haber, scott weiland kendisi ve yeni velvet revolver albümü hakkında methiyeler düzen (ve albümü ayın albümü seçen) maxim dergisi yazarı jon caramanica'yı tehdit etti.

    yazının orijinal halinden bir alıntı:

    "say you're the guns behind guns n' roses and you need a frontman to replace eyebrowless loony tune axl rose. where to turn? obviously trolling rehab centers and bus stations, slash and the guys found their man: former stone temple pilot and career fuckup scott weiland! what could go wrong? ignoring the offstage drama and giving 'contraband' a listen, we have to say ... not a damned thing. although rose was all maniac energy and weiland is more boozy charm, 'contraband' sounds like these guys have been mainlining 'appetite for destruction'. at first weiland clearly struggles to keep up ('sucker train blues'), but he finds his groove over the brash guitars and brawny drums. on 'dirty little thing', he knowingly sings, 'get away from the man who's stealing your life/get away from the drugs you're taking.' he sounds like a man ready to slow down, yet he's as reinvigorated as his new mates. welcome back to the jungle, guys."

    bu da scott'ın cevabı:

    "in his review of our album 'contraband', jon caramanica of maxim knows about as much about me and my legal situation as he does about our music. the article mentions my legal status which states that i will be eligible for release from rehab in july. sorry to break your heart and take the wind from your sails but i was sprung from rehab on the 22nd of april. now jon, jon, jon — come on now — my 'boozy' charm? unless you were born yesterday you would know i was a dope fiend, not a boozer. let's just get down to it jon, this album sounds nothing like 'appetite' and you know nothing about me, so if you're gonna make a record 'album of the month' then stop the punk-ass back-handed comments!"

    "let's meet up face-to-face and see just how 'boozy' i am in person — when i get 'manic' on your ass motherfucker!"

    bu adamların topunda bir sorun var ama çözemedim ben.
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