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  • ulan ilk entry'sini ben girecektim bunun ama kenarda dursun demişiz iyi mi!

    edit: asagıdaki spoiler'ı reddit yazısında okumustum. oradan copy-paste.

    sümer kolçak'ın şu videosunu çevirtmek istiyordu bunu yazan.

    (bkz: god of infinity)

    --- spoiler ---

    he is the best person to ever walk the ınternet and a personal idol of mine. ın a little under 3 years, he:

    1) lost 2 millions on the stock market

    2) got arrested by the fbı three times.

    3) got banned from pretty much all of california.

    4) got two restraining orders against him, one from britney spears.

    5) got banned from amazon, ebay, paypal and pretty much every online shop ever.

    6) bought over 20 ipads and returned them all.

    7) threatened to blow up a plane, got banned from travelling by plane, forever.

    8) sent death threats to the white house, got arrsted by secret service, stayed in a mental hospital for a year.

    9) got in trouble with the ırs

    10) got banned from the us.

    11) got into trouble in turkey because of military service he skips

    12) tried to kill himself with snake poison

    the list goes on... and on... and on... a good introduction on him is an article ı wrote on him and his useless spam-rant he sent to over a million people listed here sumer kolcak - god of ınfinity.
    --- spoiler ---
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