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  • cep telefonu, lazer, laptop kullanmak.

    biz yillar once bi arkadasla benzeri bir senaryo uzerinde konusup yeterli fizibilite olmadigina kanaat getirmistik, yanilmisiz.


    the gamblers, two serbian men aged 38 and 33 and a 32-year-old hungarian woman described by one police source as "chic and beautiful", were caught when ritz bosses became suspicious after watching video footage of them at the roulette table.

    they were apparently using a laser scanner hidden inside a mobile phone, linked to a microcomputer that calculated where the ball would drop.

    as the wheel was spinning round, the information was delivered back to the gamblers using a button on the phone and bets were then placed before it came to a stop.


    the threesome won £100,000 on their first visit to the casino, but on the second night they managed to scoop £1.2 million.


    "whether it is a crime at all is a moot point[...]"
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