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  • carlos gardel was born on dec. 11, 1890 in toulouse, france (as charles romuald gardès to paul lasserre (1866-1921) and berthe gardes (1865-1943) who brought him to argentina at 27 months of age). gardel's sky-rocketing career was cut short in 1935, when he lost his life in a plane crash in medellin, colombia on june 24, 1935. hordes of people thronged to pay their respects as the singer's body made the journey traveling via colombia, new york and rio de janeiro to its final resting place in la chacarita cemetery, buenos aires with the multitude listening to his tango silencio. instantly immortal and preserved forever young, his enduring fame is measured by the oft-heard argentine expression "gardel sings better every day". sixty eight after his death, a devoted following keeps the legend blazing, playing gardel's music daily and placing a lit cigarette in the hand of the life-sized statue which graces his tomb and keeping his few films in circulation.

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