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  • overkill in horrorscope albumunun son parcasi , nice day for a funeral in devami ;

    life we talk of death
    each breath come closer to out.
    of this i'm not afraid
    though i don't know what it's all about
    i don't know!

    decisions that we make,
    the chances that we take,
    the blindness we can't take.
    thought i knew but now i know what it's like,
    to be alone...!
    i know...!

    i remember here!
    thought it was a dream!
    i never thought i'd come to this.
    living with the fear,
    now i know what it means
    never thought it'd, end like this!

    falling with no end...
    into what i've only done to me.
    with messages to send..,
    out of what i've only done to me.

    falling with no
    calling with no
    crawling to the end.
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