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  • tristania'nın ashes albumunden bir parça.

    a friendly push
    off the cliff - is all i need
    a sudden change
    or a smile
    could make me feel alive,
    anything to take the ignorance away

    there is a hole in my chest
    where my heart used to be
    if you're looking for emptiness,
    i'm what you need
    colder and darker and worse
    sometimes life's just a curse

    my ashen face
    my snow-white skin
    perfect isolation
    time – slips
    my asylum years
    will end in silence
    without tears

    all illusions lost
    all colours faded
    a senseless pain
    like a sparrow to the ground
    leave no trace of life

    music as my ship set sails
    through the window
    from the street

    leave no marks
    upon my skin
    dreamless sleep
    the convent walls on fire

    dreams and betrayal - hand in hand
    falling apart in a drug wonderland
    unable to move and talk
    unable to care at all...

    somebody is knocking at my door
    somebody - i think i have seen before
    i'm trembled and shaken and stirred
    i wish i could be a bird
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