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  • hall of thatch'ın son parçası. rome'un son mızrağı.


    are you here to see what only angels have seen?
    so far from me
    you believe yourself so far from me
    apart from me

    am i now released
    to penetrate the secret of this old disease?
    did you all retreat just to mock and cheat
    that passing gleam revealed in a dream?
    a vision seen in an opium sleep
    now come and kneel for clemency
    our love is flawed, yet our legs entwine
    the hidden urn with the poison wine
    the hidden urge for things remote
    the travel can no more console
    and how are we to welcome
    the new years, these new years?
    and how are we to ever know

    now suck it in, now breathe it out
    now suck it in, now spit it out:

    look beyond now...