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  • bir neil hannon ve yann tiersen ortak bestesi olan bu guzelim sarki amelie adli pek guzel filmde enstrumental olarak kullanilmis, ayrica divine comedy'nin regeneration albumunun son single'i perfect lovesong'un* da b tarafinda varmis. sozleri su sekilde olup aynen film gibi, insana "yaparsin, edersin, aslansin kaplansin" mesaji vermektedir.

    it's hard, hard not to sit on your hands
    and bury your head in the sand
    hard not to make other plans
    and claim that you've done all you can all along
    and life must go on

    it's hard, hard to stand up for what's right
    and bring home the bacon each night
    hard not to break down and cry
    when every idea that you've tried has been wrong
    but you must carry on

    it's hard but you know it's worth the fight
    'cause you know you've got the truth on your side
    when the accusations fly, hold tight
    don't be afraid of what they'll say
    who cares what cowards think, anyway
    they will understand one day, one day

    it's hard, hard when you're here all alone
    and everyone else has gone home
    harder to know right from wrong
    when all objectivities gone
    and it's gone
    but you still carry on

    'cause you, you are the only one left
    and you've got to clean up this mess
    you know you'll end up like the rest
    bitter and twisted, unless
    you stay strong and you carry on
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