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  • süper bir the church şarkısı, aha da sözleri:

    too dangerous to keep.
    too feeble to let go.
    and you want to bite the hand.
    should have stopped this long ago.

    go now, you’ve been set free.
    another month or so you’ll be gorging on me (poisoning me on 2nd and 3rd times)
    with your lovely smile.
    i see you slither away with your skin and your tail,
    your flickering tongue and your rattling scales
    like a real reptile.

    had you coiled around my arm.
    how could you ever know
    how i loved your diamond eyes?
    but that was long ago. (chorus)

    and i should have believed eve.
    she said we had to blow.
    she was the apple of my eye.
    it wasn’t long ago. (chorus)
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