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  • "while korn is enjoying the success of their release, follow the leader, down in the shadowy, dark corridors of metal's underground world lurks an even more fierce, brutal, frightening and ugly musical beast called death. what many of today's young headbangers don't know is the origin of metal's jagged riffs, raging breakdowns, vocal conniption fits and growls that existed long before the coal chambers, vision of disorders, and limp bizkits of the world. many of those heavy riffs that have kids' ears glued to their stereo speakers are far from new, and the credit should be shared where it is due. chuck schuldiner, the mastermind and creator of the gruesome band, death, is what some would call a pioneer in that genre. even though death metal is treated like an unwanted stepchild in the music industry, musically, it is a force to be reckoned with and not to be taken lightly."

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