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  • candlemass'in 1986 yılında çıkardığı mükemmel albüm:

    johan lanquist-vocals
    mats bjorkman-guitars
    leif edling-bass
    matz ekstrom-drums

    demons gate
    crystal ball
    black stone wielder
    under the oak
    a sorcerer's pledge
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  • doom metalin tanımıdır adeta bu albüm. her şarkısı ayrı güzel olsa da, solitude başka bir olaydır. johan lanquist de yine bu albümde vokal dersleri vermektedir. hatta nevermore'un mükemmel vokalisti warrel dane'in stilini nereden aldığı bu albümde görülebilir ki zaten kendisi de hep bu albümün t-shirt'üyle dolaşır.
  • albümde yer alan under the oak daha sonra tales of creation albümünde tekrar çalinmistir.
  • albümdeki şarkı sözleri şu şekildedir:


    i'm sitting here alone in darkness
    waiting to be free,
    lonely and forlorn i'm crying
    i long for my time to come
    death means just life
    please let me die in solitude

    hate is my only friend
    pain is my father
    torment is delight to me
    death is my sanctuary
    i seek it with pleasure
    please let me die in solitude

    receive my sacrifice
    my lifeblood is exhausted
    no one gave love and understanding
    hear these words
    vilifiers and pretenders
    and please let me die in solitude
    earth to earth
    ashes to ashes
    dust to dustback to top

    demons gate

    beyond all nightmares i met my fate
    an ancient passage surrounded by hate
    scared i was with my hand on my cross
    i went into the demons gate
    across the styx among the mists of hades
    a gate of stones marks the path
    to soul's damnation and hell's wrath

    ancient evil is awaiting there
    at the doorstep to hell
    within it's darkness the demons dwell
    from the dark age the passage hail
    created by witchcraft and hate
    where every sinner will meet his fate

    the place is cursed by the hands of doom
    unholy powers in reign
    the devil's paradise of pain
    approach !
    the eibon opens for you
    the choirs of damnation, call you on through
    the twilight possesses, the heart of your soul
    the starlight is fading to black, into the
    demons gateback to top

    crystal ball

    black heart, your soul is min
    gaze into and the secrets you'll find
    just read the signs

    gaze into the crystal
    see what it tells
    it can bring you all fortune
    do you so well
    visions and dreams you can see in the
    crystal ball

    i saw the rainbows end
    i am raptured i cannot pretend
    i have found atlantis
    alisman of seth
    i have seen it all
    dreamt away through the crystal ball
    tell me more i want to know
    please hear my callback to top

    black stone wielder

    the rain kept on falling
    and darkened the sky
    the dawn was to come with the sunrise
    revealing the shadows
    that passed through the mist
    the torchlight was flickering, the storm
    was chasing them on

    a procession of dark coats
    followed the star
    foretold to come since ages
    in silence they walked on
    crossing the lands
    on their way to bethlehem, to break the
    chains of the spell
    stone, they worshipped the stone
    in generation from father to son
    a star, a star is to come
    to light them way to the one who is born
    the leader he knelt there
    to greet the newborn
    holding his pendant before him
    teardrops were falling from his eyes as he said

    take this stone and use it well don't do as i did long ago

    into the sundown he returned
    the moon was rising and heaven burned
    like shadows disappeared the men
    and the black stone wielders were never seen again
    stone, they wielded the stone
    in generation from father to son
    a star, a star is to come
    and light them the way to the one who is born

    they came across the western sea
    with powers greater than needed
    the wizards commanded the lightning
    every creature knelt in for their will
    but they wielded the black stone with evil
    and their evil was cast back on them
    condamned to praise god forever
    'til his son was born to deliverback to top

    under the oak

    ...deep was my anguish infor these words
    they froze my blood and changed my soul
    the master has spoken, the truth, not any lies
    the devil gives and evil takes
    the thing in life that man forsakes
    a throne in hell, a price or a sacrifice ?
    still the wind was blowing soft
    and gentle here under the oak
    which gave me shelter and rest infor my trial
    i'm not strong, weak is my mind
    a new beginning, where to find ?
    i'm the last one on earth, please forgive us our crime
    it was a time, when love was mine
    now it's time to sacrifice

    my heart, bleeding for my race
    the traces of mankind sweeped out
    by the hand of our lord
    i cried for the ones i lost
    midnight in paradise, grief
    away goes my hope
    i cried for the ones i lost

    hear my prayers
    climbing on the clouds above
    silent cry
    reach the inner halls of truth
    give me a sign !

    a crimson sky, bless my eyes
    up goes the sun, my time has comeback to top

    a sorcerer's pledge

    part i

    time stands still in these ancient halls
    only the castle itself can tell what it keeps
    dark are the secrets between these walls
    hidden in shadows of death, while the sorcerer sleeps

    where is the morning
    where is the sun
    thousand years of midnight
    the sunrise is gone
    an old man marked by a life so long

    is sleeping so sweet while his magic is growing so strong
    waiting still for new times to come
    a thousands years to see if he has won

    where is the morning
    where is the sun
    a thousand years of midnight

    the sunrise is gone
    what has he done ?
    why is he sleeping so long ?
    he wants to live for evermore

    soon is he young
    n will he open his eyes ?
    when he is strong enough to rule

    back in our time goes the legend
    of a sorcerer so old
    he drank the blood of the virgin to be reborn
    soon a tyrant will conquer
    so spoke the wise
    of the day when the sorcerer will rise

    blood is his wine
    the sorcerer is cheating on time
    and he'll be stronger than before

    cursed be the sun
    the women will weep for his fun
    in the name of his magic so strong

    part iii
    a thousand years have gone
    armageddon hasn't come
    only the cry of a child echoes in the dark
    wards goes time
    as the stars are passing by
    and nothing remains of this foolishman except his fate
  • ağır atmosferik, süpersonik über bir albüm.

    bu albümden sonra candlemass çok başka diyarlara yelken açmıştır kanımca. messiah marcolin'e sonsuz saygı ve sevgi beslesem de, bu albüm ve johan langquist'in vokali bambaşka arkadaş. under the oak'ın gaz açılışı, demons gate'in aksak ritmi ve yarmış solosu&vokalleri, solitude'un verdiği duygular... anlatılmaz yaşanır bir albümdür bu. onlarca yıldır halen ilk günkü dinlediğim zevkle dinlediğim belki tek albüm.

    en harbi doom albüm. taş gibi, mermer gibi albüm.
  • adı ne kadar kötüyse kendisi o kadar iyi olan albüm.
  • çok fazla doom kültürüm yok lâkin, dünyanın en iyi doom albümüdür. aksini iddia eden varsa yeşillendirsin, dinleyeyim sözümü geri alırım belki.