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  • redditte bir kardeşimizin yakındığı mağdur olduğu bir fantazi. beraber oldugu ablamiza bu fantaziyi her gun yasamak zorunda kalanlar olarak vazgecmesini tavsiye ediyorum. https://www.reddit.com/…ex/?st=ji3mv41p&sh=208eff42
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    ı am a 22 old guy currently in a relationship with a turkish-german girl who wants me to role-play ergodan. she is extremely intelligent, knowledgeable about politics, history, art, and ı'm super attracted to her (ı'm relatively vanilla, but ı told her ı'm willing to indulge any kink or fetish she might have). thing is - ı don't really understand this kind of fetish. ı've had only one girlfriend before my current gf, and she too had a thing for a politician, but it was different, cause she just said casually that she had hots for justin trudeau and did not ask me to role-play. back to present: while ı totally understand crushes on celebrities, including politicians, ı find it hard to figure out this erdogan thing. he just looks like a creepy uncle to me, and my gf's fantasy scares me a bit. she'd like me to be on all fours while reading one of his speeches in turkish and she would spank me while insulting me (also in turkish), and depending of how we're feeling it - it might escalate to butt-play and even pegging, eventually. ok, so, ı'm fine with spanking, ı'm curious about butt stuff, and would probably be open to pegging if all goes well. the thing that freaks me out is pretending to be erdogan and reading stuff in turkish (ı don't even speak turkish!), but gf assures me that reading turkish is easy even if one does not speak the language. ı don't even know, ı'm excited, but also confused af.
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