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  • chievo takiminda oynayan hizli,teknik fakat sahtekar brezilyali*.kendisini luciano olan adini eriberto olarak gostermis ve 27 olan yasini 23 olarak gostermistir.fakat bu sahtekarligi sene basinda aciklamistir.*
  • chievo'ya gelmeden önce bologna ve palmeiras'da oynamış futbolcu. yaptığı sahtekarlıkta aslen 3 aralık '76 olan doğum tarihini 21 ocak '79 olarak göstermiştir. bu sahtekarlık yüzünden lazio'ya transferi iptal olmuştur.
  • "life has been tough for me. i come from a poor home in brazil - and you have no idea, in europe, what that means. when i was seven my mother died of cancer. again, in europe, she might have had treatment to save her. in brazil that wasn't possible. when i was 13 my father died from a heart attack."

    "there's no money in brazilian football or south american football in general. why do you think all the players are so desperate to come to europe? it's the big dream. you think you can go to europe, make a fortune and make life better for your family."

    "i needed to be younger and have some sort of my family history connected with italy, so the agent found a young reserve player, eriberto, who had all that and had no objections - and i took his identity. i didn't worry about paperwork. i left that to other people. i wanted to do the best for my brothers and sisters and cousins and it wasn't harming anyone. what was important was how well i played. after all, if i didn't play well then i wouldn't get a club or keep a club. it's not the name on your passport that goes out on the pitch."

    "journalists started calling me and asking whether it was true. what could i say? there was nothing i could do but own up and take whatever punishment was coming. so i was suspended and lost the chance of a big-money transfer to lazio."

    (world soccer, şubat '03)
  • 8 temmuz 2003 itibariyle intere transfer olmuş, vieri ve crespo gibi golcülerle uyumunun nasıl olacağının merakla beklendiği ve şu anda gerçek adı olan luciano siqueira de oliveira'yı kullanan orta saha oyuncusu.