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  • limp bizkit'in ilk kaset outrosu 16 dk'lık güzel şarkı ..

    i'm so ... fustrated
    somebody's been making me...
    so sick inside...
    oh, go with your heart, go with your heart
    yeah, right
    you're telling me
    i'm just not good enough for you
    let's change, lets be something we're not
    and become what everybody else is
    aw, so much builds up inside.
    it's fucking rediculous
    i don't know how i should
    freak the fuck out on you
    i just sit back and relax
    cuz you want more
    you don't have anything
    and me
    i have everything
    yeah, i have everything what more could i ask for
    nothing at all....
    don't run and hide
    don't you keep it inside no more x2
    don't you run and hide x2
    why does it have to be this way at the end?
  • (bkz: everything2)
  • limp bizkitin three dollar bill yall albumundeki bir sarkisi.
  • sözleri aşağıdaki gibi olan lifehouse grubunun depresif şarkısı:

    find me here
    speak to me
    i want to feel you
    i need to hear you
    you are the light
    that is leading me
    to the place where
    i find peace again
    you are the strength
    that keeps me walking
    you are the hope
    that keeps me trusting
    you are the life to my soul
    you are my purpose
    you are everything
    and how can i
    stand here with you
    and not be moved by you
    would you tell me
    how could it be
    any better than this
    you calm the storms
    you give me rest
    you hold me in your hands
    you won't let me fall
    you still my heart
    and you take my breath away
    would you take me in
    would you take me deeper now
    'cause you're all i want
    you are all i need
    you are everything
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  • -what do i get for ten dollars?

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