• stereo amfiler uzerine uzmanlasmis bir ses firmasi.
  • ing. poz (müddeti) (bkz: fotoğrafçılık)
  • ing. bir şeyle (örn: mikrop, güneş ışını) karşılaşma
  • oldukca gaz bi dark tranquility sarkisi.
  • thumb'ın güzel bir şarkısıdır bu,,

    gotta know the answer, gotta know the truth,
    gotta have a feeling when i look at you.
    cause i know my reasons and i know the facts,
    i try to be wide open so i can fight back.
    what you see in me never makes me sad,
    what i see in you only makes me mad !

    feel me as i expose myself and all i know...
    feel me as i expose myself as i explode...

    gotta show emotions,
    gotta leave your shell,
    gotta find solutions deep inside yourself,
    ´cause you´ll find the reasons and you´ll know the facts,
    gotta be wide open so you can fight back.

    what you see in me never makes me sad,
    what i see in you never makes me mad!

    don´t you know, that there´s a time and there´s a space for everyone.

    see me as i explode!!!
  • wilfred owen in savas alanindaki askerlerin duygularinin resmini cizdigi etkileyici siirin adi.
    söyle ki:

    our brains ache, in the merciless iced east winds that knive us...
    wearied we keep awake because the night is silent...
    low, drooping flares confuse our memory of the salient...
    worried by silence, sentries whisper, curious, nervous,
    but nothing happens.

    watching, we hear the mad gusts tugging on the wire,
    like twitching agonies of men among its brambles.
    northward, incessantly, the flickering gunnery rumbles,
    far off, like a dull rumour of some other war.
    what are we doing here?

    the poignant misery of dawn begins to grow...
    we only know war lasts, rain soaks, and clouds sag stormy.
    dawn massing in the east her melancholy army
    attacks once more in ranks on shivering ranks of gray,
    but nothing happens.

    sudden successive flights of bullets streak the silence.
    less deathly than the air that shudders black with snow,
    with sidelong flowing flakes that flock, pause, and renew;
    we watch them wandering up and down the wind's nonchalance,
    but nothing happens.

    pale flakes with fingering stealth come feeling for our faces -
    we cringe in holes, back on forgotten dreams, and stare, snow-dazed,
    deep into grassier ditches. so we drowse, sun-dozed,
    littered with blossoms trickling where the blackbird fusses,
    - is it that we are dying?

    slowly our ghosts drag home: glimpsing th sunk fires, glozed
    with crusted dark-red jewels; crickets jingle there;
    for hours the innocent mice rejoice: the house is theirs;
    shutters and doors, all closed: on us the doors are closed, -
    we turn back to our dying.

    since we believe not otherwise can kind fires burn;
    nor ever suns smile true on child, or field, or fruit.
    for god's invincible spring our love is made afraid;
    therefore, not loath, we lie out here; therefore were born,
    for love of god seems dying.

    to-night, this frost will fasten on this mud and us,
    shrivelling many hands, puckering foreheads crisp.
    the burying-party, picks and shovels in shaking grasp,
    pause over half-known faces. all their eyes are ice,
    but nothing happens.
  • edebiyatta
    guard almadan konusmak, bir sirri aciklamak, maddi ve manevi dünyaya karşı savunmasız, açık, kırılgan, duyarlı, hassas ve samimi halde bulunmak.
    ışığın fotoğraf filmine düşme şiddeti
    ışığa duyarlı bir materyal üzerinde film yoluyla alınan görüntü
    (bkz: diyafram)
  • jennanın gençlik zamanlarında çektiği bir vivid yapımı...
    (bkz: ilk göz ağrısı)
  • rober frippin 1979 yılında cikardigi albumun adı.
    albumde baska kimler var :

    robert fripp (guitar, frippertronics)
    daryl hall (vocals)
    peter hammill (vocals)
    terre roche (vocals)
    peter gabriel (vocals, piano)
    jerry marotta(drums)
    narada michael walden (drums)
    phil collins (drums)
    tony levin (bass, bass guitar)
    brian eno (synthesizer, voice)
    barry andrews(organ)
    sid mcginniss (pedal steel, rhythm guitar)
    joanna walton (words)
    shivapuri baba
    j.g. bennett
    mrs edith fripp
    mrs evelyn harris
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