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  • dire straits'in "on every street" albumunden bir parca
  • another world ve flashback serisinin ucuncusu.. tomb raider tarzi ilk oyunlardan..
  • bir tükenisin öyküsü.. tüyleri diken diken eden bi ritim.. muhtsem bi solo...
    metallica nin sanat eseri parcalarindan..
  • açıkçası apoaclyptica versiyonunu tercih ederim.
  • klasikler arasina girmis tahrikkar parca.. mersinde nevermind calardi biz de dinleridk azimizin suyu akardi...
  • diskimde tuttugum tek metallica parcasi.. oyunu guzeldi ayrica.. 3d olayi falan iyiydi..
  • by metallica

    life it seems, will fade away
    drifting further every day
    getting lost within myself
    nothing matters no one else
    i have lost the will to live
    simply nothing more to give
    there is nothing more for me
    need the end to set me free

    things not what they used to be
    missing one inside of me
    deathly lost, this can't be real
    cannot stand this hell i feel
    emptiness is filling me
    to the point of agony
    growing darkness taking dawn
    i was me, but now he's gone

    no one but me can save myself, but it's too late
    now i can't think, think why i should even try

    yesterday seems as though it never existed
    death greets me warm, now i will just say goodbye
  • by dire straits

    i wonder where you are tonight
    you're probably on the rampage somewhere
    you have been known to take delight
    in gettin' in somebody's hair
    you always had the knack
    fade to black

    i bet you already made a pass
    i see a darkened room somewhere
    you run your finger round the rim of his glass
    run your fingers through his hair
    they scratch across his back
    fade to black

    well maybe it's all for the best
    wish i'd never been lassooed
    maybe it's some kind of test
    i wish i'd never been tattooed
    or been to hell and back
    fade to black
  • ilk giris solosunu james hetfield atmis, olle bi$i duydumda inanamadim.. ilginc geldi nedense.. $arki a$mı$