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  • syml'in hurt for me albümünden bir parça.


    some ancient call, that i've answerd before
    it lives in my walls, and it's under the floor
    if this was meant for me, why does it hurt so much?
    and if you're not made for me, why did we fall in love?

    a knock at my door, i thought i was alone
    unaware of what i thought i needed, i drop like a stone
    you found i'm mistaken, then i was the last one to know
    and if you return for me, i'd never want for more

    you're dislocated, don't be like that
    and you smile when you dive in, like you're never coming back
    so hold my body, yeah, hold my breath
    see your face when i blackout, i'm never coming back

    fear of the water, fear of the water