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  • muhteşem stwo, daniel caesar, amir obe ortaklığı


    [ıntro: daniel caesar]
    you are the only
    one that ı need, ı...
    want you to know ı...
    want you to be my
    lady at night time
    but you don't need me
    you just hate to be alone
    ı just might have you undressing
    ı hate when you got me stressing
    cause baby ı'm choosey
    ı choose you

    [verse 1: amir obe]
    only one way to communicate
    put it out there just in case you doubt it
    ı'mma let these hoes know ı'm doing straight
    you just tryna fill the void
    but these boys so weak to you
    always tryna speak to you
    watered down me's that forever try and reach for you
    ı just had to creep to you
    use me as a reference
    you'll never find an other one
    you khaled with another one
    yeah, talk ain't cheap when nobody at the grapevine
    ı walked that line
    when ı'm not just tryna see signs, staring at the grey skies
    hit the town for you
    cut ties with these bitches cause ı'm down for you
    let's get away, fuck around and smoke a pound with you
    ı'm still amazed ı ain't never heard a sound from you

    [ınstrumental ınterlude]

    [verse 2: amir obe]
    ı'm in the moment, don't tell me ı'm blowing up
    relations with you got me growing up
    word after word it's all poetry
    ın person it's hard just to open up
    ı'm doing some things ı ain't proud of
    ı'm thinking that you might have found love
    ı'm thinking ı'm drinking to drown up
    you're thinking ı'm drinking to round up
    stare at the mic like ı'm looking at you
    taking cues from them bitches, that don't care about you
    shit be getting old, say ı'm acting brand new
    doing all this shit that you said ı can't do
    yeah, phone about to die, told her come through
    told me that you lit, ı said ı'm drunk too
    bae ı'm off that henny and that skunk too
    hit me if you ready, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah