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  • özgür irade'ye yapılan en şahane güzelleme. rush selamı.
  • rush'in permanent waves albumunden cok guzel bir $arki.

    a planet of playthings,
    we dance on the strings
    of powers we cannot perceive
    the stars aren't aligned,
    or the gods are malign...
    blame is better to give than receive.

    you can choose a ready guide in some celestial voice.
    if you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.
    you can choose from phantom fears and kindness that can kill;
    i will choose a path that's clear
    i will choose freewill.

    there are those who think that they were dealt a losing hand,
    the cards were stacked against them; they weren't born in lotusland.

    all preordained
    a prisoner in chains
    a victim of venomous fate.
    kicked in the face,
    you can't pray for a place
    in heaven's unearthly estate.


    each of us
    a cell of awareness
    imperfect and incomplete.
    genetic blends
    with uncertain ends
    on a fortune hunt that's far too fleet.

  • (bkz: free will)*
  • rush ın yine aynı albümden "the spirit of radio" şarkısıyla birlikte en popüler ve başarılı çalışması..
    chorus kısmına eşlik etmesi pek bir keyiflidir, deneyin görün.