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  • vii ol liiv in fuca vorlt...
    guzel sarkidir kiske'nin vokalini severim.
    ama asil nefislik markus grosskopf'un basindadir.
  • (bkz: helloween)
  • eglenceli helloween $arkilarindandir,konserlerin vazgecilmezidir,andi deris de guzel soylemi$tir,ama $arki bir midnight sun kadar guzel degildir kesinlikle.
  • sözlerini de yazayım tam olsun

    if you're out there all alone
    and you don't know where to go to
    come and take a trip with me to future world

    and if you're running through your life
    and you don't know what the sense is
    come and look how it could be, in future world

    we all live in happiness our life is full of joy
    we say the word "tomorrow" without fear
    the feeling of togetherness is always at our side
    we love our life and we know we will stay

    cause we all live in future world
    a world that's full of love
    our future live will be glorious
    come with me--future world

    you say you'd like to stay,
    but this is not your time
    go back, find your own way to future world

    life can be for living
    just try and never give in
    tell everyone the way of future world

    one day you'll live in happiness
    with a heart that's full of joy
    you'll say the word "tomorrow" without fear
    the feeling of togetherness will be at your side
    you'll say you love your life and you'll know why

    (solo both/kai/both)

    scream it out

  • keepers of jericho adlı helloween tribute albumunde labyrinth in coverladığı şarkı.
    ayrıca, karavanda her zaman mutlaka orjinali çalınınan şarkı.*
  • kai hansen'nin power metal devi olduğunun en büyük kanıtlarından biri ayrıca gamma ray "alive 95"te harika yorumlar kai kendi vokaliyle.parça 4:02 süreye sahiptir.
  • pretty maids'in 1987 yılında çıkardığı başarılı melodik albüm:

    ronnie atkins(paul christensen)-vocals
    ken hammer(kenneth hansen)-guitars
    allan delong(allan jensen)-bass
    alan owen-keyboard
    phil moorheed(henrik andersen)-drums

    future world
    we came to rock
    love games
    yellow rain
    needles in the dark
    eye of the storm
    long way to go
  • pretty maids'in "future world" albümüne ismini veren harika parçası:

    future world

    in the distant
    far away
    trying to figure it out
    but i can't explain
    now we see it
    now we don't
    we're floating around
    in the unknown zone

    watch the starlight
    shooting for the sky
    reaching out to catch
    a piece of paradise
    is it true
    or just imaginations
    visions twist around my mind
    and brings me shelter from the night

    where do we go
    where do we go from here
    when do we finally disappear

    oh future world
    there's nothing left to save
    they blew it all away
    future world
    tonight we're riding on
    the final escape

    is it heaven
    is it hell
    is it the afterworld
    or just something else
    are we prisoners in nowhereland
    where darkness is your only friend
    kept inside this wall of sleep
    have we fallen into a deep freeze

    left the wastelands
    broke the lines
    crossed the border to another time
    being drawn by the fates
    who run our destinies
    stranded in a state of life
    where dreams become reality

    in troubled times
    we saw the writing on the wall
    we heard the fools
    who brought the human race to fall
    we'll build another generation
    and not destroy the god creation

    take your chances
    turn the key
    open up the doors
    to another history
    here's no questions
    no demands
    here's the future
    this is wonderland