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  • nasreddin hodja has his donkey stolen. grieving over his loss to his neighbours, he hears them all talking at once:
    -"hodja, why on earth didn't you put a good lock on the barn door?"
    says one.
    -"a thief breaks in, and you are unaware!" criticizes another.
    yet another blames hodja:
    -"please don't take offense but you alone are to blame for it as you do not even have a decent barn. ı'ts falling to pieces, period!"
    ındignat at the criticism, hodja reacts:
    -"for heaven's sake! ıf you say but is the fault all mine? no fault with the thief?
  • pulp fiction - ketchup catch up fıkrası. türkçe anlatınca bile komik.
  • sam and john were out cutting wood, when john accidentally cut his arm off. sam, who was trained in first aid, remained calm and wrapped the arm in a plastic bag and then took it and john to a surgeon.

    the surgeon said, "you're in luck! ı'm an expert at reattaching limbs! come back in four hours." so sam came back in four hours and the surgeon said, "ı got done faster than ı expected. john is down at the local pub."

    sam went to the pub and was amazed to see john throwing darts. "wow" thought sam, "that surgeon does excellent work"

    a few weeks later, sam and john were out again, and john accidentally cut his leg off. sam put the leg in a plastic bag and took it, and john, back to the same surgeon. the surgeon said, "legs are a little tougher, but ı'll see what ı can do - come back in six hours." sam returned in six hours and the surgeon said, "ı finished early - john's down at the soccer field."

    sam went to the soccer field and there was john, kicking goals. "wow" thought sam "that surgeon is amazing"

    a few weeks later, john had a terrible accident and cut his head off. sam put the head in a plastic bag and took it and the rest of john to the surgeon. the surgeon said, "gee, heads are really tough. come back in twelve hours."

    so sam returned in twelve hours and the surgeon said, "ı'm sorry, john died." sam said, "ı understand - ı know you tried your best. you are a very skilled surgeon but ı'm sure heads are very tough." the surgeon said, "oh, no! ıt wasn't that, john suffocated in that plastic bag!