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  • abbott and costello meet dr. jekyll and mr. hyde
    abbott and costello meet frankenstein
    addams family
    addams family values
    addicted to murder
    addicted to murder 2: tainted blood (new!)
    addicted to murder 3: blood lust (at blockbuster now)
    addiction, the
    alabama's ghost
    an angel for satan
    andy warhol's dracula
    because the dawn
    bela lugosi: the forgotten king
    beverly hills vamp
    billy the kid vs. dracula
    black sabbath
    black sunday
    blood and donuts
    blood and roses
    blood bath
    blood beast terror
    blood castle
    blood couple
    blood drinkers
    blood for dracula
    blood of dracula
    blood of dracula's castle
    blood of dracula's coffin, the
    blood of nostradamus, the
    blood of the vampire
    blood-spattered bride, the
    bloodsucking freaks
    blood ties
    bloody vampire, the
    body beneath
    body double (a subtextual connection)
    bordello of blood (tales from the crypt presents:)
    bowery boys meet the monsters, the
    brides of dracula
    buffy the vampire slayer
    caged vampires
    captain kronos: vampire hunter
    caress of the vampire i & ii
    carry on screaming
    castle of blood
    children of the night
    city of the vampires
    club vampire
    condemned to live
    count yorga: vampire
    count dracula
    countess dracula
    craving, the
    creatures of evil
    creeps, the
    crypt of the living dead
    curse of the undead
    curse of the vampires
    dance of the damned
    dark rose: feeding and breeding
    dark shadows (1991)
    daughters of darkness
    dead men walk
    dead matter, the
    dead of night
    def by temptation
    demon soul
    devil bat, the
    devil's commandment, the
    doctor dracula
    dr. terror's house of horror
    dracula (1931)
    dracula (1958)
    dracula ad 72
    dracula (1973)
    dracula (1979)
    dracula (1992)
    dracula and son
    dracula: dead and loving it
    dracula has risen from the grave
    dracula is dead
    dracula: prince of darkness
    dracula rising
    dracula's daughter
    dracula's dog
    dracula's great love
    dracula's last rites
    dracula's virgin lovers
    dracula's widow
    dracula: the bloodline continues
    dracula vs. frankenstein (1969)
    dracula vs. frankenstein (1971)
    dream of david gray, the
    dungeon of terror
    elvira, mistress of the dark
    embrace of the vampire
    eternal desires
    evils of the night
    fangs of the living dead
    the fearless vampire killers
    fright night
    fright night ii
    from dusk til dawn
    from dusk til dawn 2: texas blood money
    from dusk til dawn 3: the hangman's daughter
    ganja and hess
    gallery of horrors
    garden of the dead
    genie of darkness
    girl with the hungry eyes, the
    grave of the vampire
    graveyard shift (not the stephen king flick)
    hand of night
    helles belles
    hercules in the haunted world
    horror of dracula
    horror of the blood monsters
    house of dark shadows
    house of dracula, the
    house of dracula's daughter
    house of frankenstein, the
    house that dripped blood, the
    howling vi
    howl of the devil
    hunger, the
    i bought a vampire motorcycle
    incense for the damned
    innocent blood
    invasion of the blood farmers, the
    ironbound vampire
    john carpenter's vampires
    jugular wine
    keep, the
    killer bats
    kiss of evil
    kiss of the vampire
    kolchak, the night stalker
    la belle captive
    lady dracula
    last man on earth, the
    last rites
    legendary curse of lemora, the
    legend of the seven golden vampires
    lemora, lady dracula
    let's scare jessica to death
    london after midnight
    lost boys
    lost platoon
    love at first bite
    lust for a vampire
    magic sword, the
    mama dracula
    mark of lilith
    mark of the vampire
    mary mary bloody mary
    midnight hour, the
    midnight kiss
    modern vampires
    monster club, the
    monster demolisher, the
    monster squad, the
    mother riley meets the vampire (my son, the vampire)
    munsters go home
    munster's revenge, the
    my best friend is a vampire
    my son, the vampire
    near dark
    new york vampire
    night hunter
    night life (not the zombie flick)
    nightmare castle
    night of dark shadows
    nocturna, granddaughter of dracula
    nosferatu * * *
    nosferatu the vampyre
    not of this earth
    old dracula
    once bitten
    one more time
    outback vampires
    orgy of the dead
    pale blood
    plan 9 from outer space
    planet of blood
    planet of the vampires
    polish vampire in burbank, a
    project vampire
    queen of blood
    rage of the werewolf (coming soon to video stores from brimstone productions, the film has vampires.)
    razor blade smile
    red-blooded american girl
    reflecting skin, the
    reluctant vampire, the
    return of dr. x, the (reanimated murderer who craves blood)
    return of count yorga, the
    return of dracula, the
    return of the vampire, the
    return to 'salems lot
    revenge of the blood beast
    samson vs. the vampire women
    salem's lot: the movie & the miniseries
    satanic rites of dracula
    saturday the 14th
    saturday the 14th strikes back
    scared to death (not the mutant alien flick)
    scars of dracula
    scream & scream again
    scream, blackula, scream!
    screaming dead, the
    seven brothers meet dracula
    sex and the vampire
    shock 'em dead
    slaughter of the vampires
    sleepwalkers (a variation on the theme)
    son of dracula
    spooks run wild
    stephen king's nightflier
    subspecies i, ii, iii & iv
    sundown: the vampire in retreat
    tale of a vampire
    taste the blood of dracula
    teen vamp
    terror creatures from the grave
    theatre of death
    thirsty dead, the
    thrill of the vampire
    to die for (not the nicole kidman movie)
    to die for ii
    tomb, the
    tombs of the blind dead
    to sleep with a vampire
    track of the vampire
    trancers 4: jack of swords
    transylvania 6-5000
    transylvania twist
    twins of evil
    twisted tales
    uncle was a vampire
    understudy, graveyard shift ii, the
    vampire and the ballerina, the
    vampire at midnight
    vampire bat
    vampire circus
    vampire happening, the
    vampire holocaust
    vampire hookers
    vampire hunter d
    vampire in brooklyn
    vampire interviews, the
    vampire journals
    vampire lovers, the
    vampire men of the lost planet
    vampires and other stereotypes
    vampire's coffin
    vampire's ghost, the
    vampire's kiss
    vampires, les
    vampires live again
    vampire's seduction
    vampire vixens from venus
    vault of horror
    velvet vampires, the
    village vampire, a
    voo doo soup
    werewolf vs. the vampire woman, the
    wicked, the
    witchcraft 7: judgment hour
    world of the vampire, the

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