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  • sugar ray'in bence en iyi parcasi, vokaller pek iyi degil tamam ama dinlemeye deger
  • ingilizce seref, san.
  • now i know they're gonna take my glory
    from the ones i left behind
    and i know their gonna say they're sorry
    but i'll never change my mind
  • kamelot'un the fourth legacy albümünden kemanlı, klasik gitarlı müthiş bir parça.
  • iyi kotarilmis manga movie.
  • başrollerinde matthew broderick,morgan freeman ve denzel washington gibi yıldızlar bulunan, amerikan iç savaşının farklı bir boyutunu çok güzel anlatan,kanımca izlenmesinin bir kayıp olmadığı güzel film
  • kamelot'un the fourth legacy albümünden, bir haçlı şövalyesinin* vicdanıyla hesaplaşmasını anlatan muhteşem şarkı. sözleri aşağıdaki gibidir:

    sworn by the crown
    i lead a crusade
    fight for belief to be one

    out in the field
    fearless and cold
    building the road to my calvary

    strong is my steel
    dark is my mind
    carmine the ground that i tread

    faith in my god
    keeps me alive
    but when does my faith turn to doubt

    silently watching the rain
    carving the earth on my grave
    lord you know that i prayed
    one for the glory
    and one for the souls that i've slain

    how will i know
    how could i tell
    where would i find some serenity

    sowing the seed
    unwounded i bleed
    lord won't you show me the way

    christ is the cross that i bear
    god is the will of my war
    faint are the voices i hear
    whispers of glory...

    christ is the cry of despair
    cursing the day i was born
    this is the faith that we share
    left with the glory
    and suffering of souls that we've torn
  • bir türk grup olan prophecynin şarkısı:
    take out your sword and run to the night
    run deep in forest where you will fight
    follow your path and don't think your back
    trust to your god, it's in your mind
    we know the game, we see the high
    now it is the time to reach for the sky
    power of fighters be on our side
    give us the magic, cover with blood
    conquer the power , feel the light
    ride through the darkness before they find
    we'll be together until we die
    for kingdom's glory we all must fight
    war is in our destiny, war is in our soul
    we'll never be stopped before they fall
    while we're running, while we're fighting
    the light behind us defends our force
    we are together to fight and win
    there's no way we want except reach the glory
    shadows are coming , souls are in pain
    if we can't win, we'll all fall in vain
  • surgune buralara gelmis rezil tanrica bozuntusu sey.
    tavir acisindan olmasa da gorunum acisindan en stil fakiri buffy villaini.
    (bkz: ben) (isim olarak, kisi zamiri olarak deil)
    (bkz: buffy the vampire slayer)
  • ayrıca warcraft 3 trailer müziğinin ilk sözü.