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  • motorheadin, iron fist albümünden, loser yanında oldukça geri planda kalmasına rağmen ayrı bir tad veren parça. üşenmeden, sıkılmadan copy paste olarak bilgilerinize sunuyorum:

    ya told me that ya wanted it
    i knew it wasn't true
    turned out to be the facts babe
    you know what you can do
    you can go to hell, you can go to hell
    goodbye for you

    wrapped around your little finger
    under you thumb too
    you know that i'm a singer
    i'm singin' just for you
    you can go to hell etc.

    i guess i betta get movin'
    lotta things i gotta do
    i realize it was a waste of time
    talkin' sense to you
    you can etc.

    hope ya got my little message
    i hope you hear me
    i thought ya might've been the answer
    obviously crazy
  • google'da "go to hell" $eklinde aratildiginda, ilk sirada microsoft web sayfasini getiren kombinasyon.
  • i$in ilginci google'in cache'ledigi kopyasina bakildiginda aslen html'in hic bir yerinde "hell" lafinin gecmedigi goruluyor ki burada google'in microsoft'a kasdi ciki$tigini gormek mumkun..
  • bi de klip çekmiştir megadeth buna
    klipte temsili şeytan bulunur, dave baba bunu tahtından indirir
    ama cama ağzını dayayıp şarkıyı söylemesi hoş olmuştur
  • enter sandman ile dassak gecmesi dogrudur. zira mustaine ile ellefson 1991de super channelda bir rock programini beraber sunarlarken mustaine soyle bir cumle sarfetmistir

    'see if you remember the pray in the middle'

    ellefson ise mustaine'e soole acaip bi bakis firlatmistir. tarif edemicem..
  • samson'ın shock tactics albümünden bir parça.

    get out, you're not my kind
    sleazy little lizzy thought you'd got another find
    yes i know you're big inside
    loud and proud, i know you're legs are open wide

    life can be so unkind

    bye, bye honey, lovely dovey, took you from behind

    maybe it's just as well

    i took your body, blew your mind and told you go to hell!
    filthy little female, who you married to?
    dirty little lady, i'm creeping up on you
    nice boy what you don't see
    your out of luck, you'll get no truck with me

    lousy little screamer played outside the rules
    took me for a dreamer but you were just a fool
    pretty male plaything made you feel alright
    took you for your money, now i'm off into the night
  • sinirlenilen kişiye söylenilebilecek nadide bir tümce.
    "sende gel" şeklinde kafiyeli bir cevap verilebilir.

    - go to hell!
    - sende gel!**
  • sağlam megadeth şarkılarından biri:

    now i lay me down to sleep
    pray the lord my soul to keep
    if i die before i wake
    pray the lord to take

    i'm not going to wake up today
    they've pulled my plug the picture fades
    and as my body decays mold begins to fill my grave
    the smell of death permeates the silk within my coffin lays
    go to hell

    as they bury me now six feet there my body lies
    still feel like i'm going down i hear a distant wailing cry
    god something must've gone wrong
    and much too late i realize
    go to hell

    i saw my funeral that day
    i know who didn't show to mourn
    my judgement was life in hell
    pillars of pain and thorns
    my only friend's the goat
    with 666 between his horns
    go to hell

    place all your trust here in me
    rest assured these things i know
    and as charon sails the sea
    your journey too shall end below
    ah yes you're all sitting ducks
    it's true you reap what you sow
    go to hell

    now i lay me down to sleep
    blah, blah, blah my soul to keep
    if i die before i wake
    i'll go to hell for heaven's sake
  • pek guzel bir nina simone sarkisi:

    now if your mind lies in the devil's workshop
    and evil duens your thrill
    and trouble and mischief is all you live for
    you know darn well
    that you'll go to hell

    so you're living high and mighty
    rich off the fat of the land
    just don't dispose of your natural soul
    'cos you know darn well
    that you'll go to hell

    i say hell
    where your natural soul burns
    where you pay for your sins
    keep your children from wrongdoing
    'cos you know darn well
    that they'll go to hell.

    i say hell
    man, woman were created
    to live for eternity
    with an apple they ate from the tree of hate
    so you know darn well
    that they went to hell

    now satan was an angel in heaven
    but he stirred up trouble and woe
    so the lord commanded that the devil be branded
    so you know darn well
    he went to hell
    yeah, he went to hell
    yeah, he went to hell
    he went to hell.

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