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  • monty python'un altıda biri idi. aramızdan ayrıldı ve hepimizi yasa boğdu.
  • e$cinseldi. daha monty python tvde yayinlandigi siralar o zamana gore cok cesurca davranarak bunu acikladi. 89'da asiri alkol ve sigaranin yolactigi girtlak kanserinden oldu.
  • iron maiden'ın "can i play with madness" videosunda rol almış ingiliz aktör.
  • (bkz: tracy chapman)
  • alkolik olan ve bunun sebebini, oxford universitesindeki arkadaslarinin kendisinden zeki olmasindan dolayi girdigi kompleks ve bunalimin sonucu oldugunu aciklayan aktor...
  • üç adet monty python flminin ikisinde başrolü** oynamış, monty ptyhon'lardan sarışın olanı ve hepsi gibi büyük komedyen. monty python live at hollywood bowl'da kendisiyle güreşen güreşçiyi oynayıp, kendi kendini bayılttığı skeç muhteşemdir.
  • - is it an african or a european swallow?
  • henüz 48 yaşındayken hayatını kaybetmiş, kendini monty python'a adamış ingiliz tv aktörü. çoğu ingiliz gibi aksanı muhteşemdi.
  • monty python çetesinin en yetenekli ve yaratıcı üyesi idi.
    monty pythons flying circus serisinde en başarılı bulunan skeçlerin (ministry of silly walks, dead parrot sketch) yazarlığını yapmış, kasıntı albaydan ("stop that! its silly!") kendisiyle var gücüyle güreşen bomber harris'e kadar türlü yarıcı tiplemeleri canlandırmıştır.

    cambridge üniversitesi'nde tıp okuyarak doktor ünvanı kazanmış, ancak tıp kariyeri yerine üyesi olduğu üniversiteli bir komedi grubuyla çalışmaya devam etmiş, komedyenliğe atılmıştır.

    eşcinselliğin sıkı bir tabu olduğu 60'larda, kişisel hayatını saklamamış, eşcinselliğini açıkça beyan etmiştir. flying circus serisinde fareli skeçi ile eşcinsellik konusuna dikkat çekmiş, diğer bazı skeçlerde açık saçık kadın kıyafetleri giymekten çekinmemiş ve bazen sert tepkiler almıştır.

    life of brian'da istemeden mesih ilan edilmiş bahtsız bedevimiz brian'dır. etrafındaki sürreal gelişmelere tepkisini müthiş bir komiklikle oynar.
    brian: i'm not the messiah! will you please listen? i am not the messiah, do you understand? honestly!
    tip 1: only the true messiah denies his divinity!
    brian: what? well what sort of chance does that give me? all right! i am the messiah!
    kalabalık: he is! he is the messiah!
    brian: now, fuck off!!!
    tip 2: how shall we fuck off, o lord?
    film doğal olarak sıkı dinci kesimlerden sert tepki alınca, "we don't deliberately set out to offend. unless we feel it's justified. and in the case of certain well-known religions, it was justified." demekle yetinmiştir.

    monty python and the holy grail filminde ise gururlu, onurlu ama aynı seviyede bahtsız olan kral arthur'dur chapman. ciddi bir ingiliz dramasındaymış gibi rol yapar ("you fight bravely sir knight!"), ama işler sarpa sardıkça sokak ağzına düşer ("look you stupid bastard you've got no arms left!"). filmin çekimleri sırasında alkolizmi en kötü seviyeye varmış, çekimler boyunca çok zorlanmasına ve depresif olmasına yol açmıştır.

    kendisi ayrıca evinden kaçmış hastalıklı bir genci kanatlarının altına almış, okulu bitirmesi şartıyla (ve gencin ebeveynlerinin izni ile) ona babalık etmiştir.

    80'lerin sonuna doğru sıkı alkol ve tütün tüketiminin vahim sonucu olarak kanser olduğu teşhis edilmiş, ancak yaklaşan ölümünü en az ciddiye alanlardan olmuştur. bütün tedavi aşaması boyunca sevgilisi ve manevi oğlu yanından ayrılmamış, ölümüne kadar hep ona destek olmuşlardır. graham chapman, 4 ekim 1989'da, monty python'un 20. yılından bir gün evvel ölmüştür.

    cenazesinde yakın arkadaşı john cleese, chapman'a yaraşır bir konuşma ile onu anar:

    "graham chapman, co-author of the 'parrot sketch,' is no more. he has ceased to be, bereft of life, he rests in peace, he has kicked the bucket, hopped the twig, bit the dust, snuffed it, breathed his last, and gone to meet the great head of light entertainment in the sky, and i guess that we're all thinking how sad it is that a man of such talent, such capability and kindness, of such intelligence should now be so suddenly spirited away at the age of only forty-eight, before he'd achieved many of the things of which he was capable, and before he had enough fun.

    well, i feel that i should say, "nonsense. good riddance to him, the freeloading bastard! i hope he fries."

    and the reason i think i should say this is, he would never forgive me if i didn't, if i threw away this opportunity to shock you all on his behalf. anything for him but mindless good taste. i could hear him whispering in my ear last night as i was writing this:

    "alright, cleese, you're very proud of being the first person to ever say 'shit' on television. if this service is really for me, just for starters, i want you to be the first person ever at a british memorial service to say 'fuck'!"

    you see, the trouble is, i can't. if he were here with me now i would probably have the courage, because he always emboldened me. but the truth is, i lack his balls, his splendid defiance. and so i'll have to content myself instead with saying 'betty mardsen...'

    but bolder and less inhibited spirits than me follow today. jones and idle, gilliam and palin. heaven knows what the next hour will bring in graham's name. trousers dropping, blasphemers on pogo sticks, spectacular displays of high-speed farting, synchronised incest. one of the four is planning to stuff a dead ocelot and a 1922 remington typewriter up his own arse to the sound of the second movement of elgar's cello concerto. and that's in the first half.

    because you see, gray would have wanted it this way. really. anything for him but mindless good taste. and that's what i'll always remember about him---apart, of course, from his olympian extravagance. he was the prince of bad taste. he loved to shock. in fact, gray, more than anyone i knew, embodied and symbolised all that was most offensive and juvenile in monty python. and his delight in shocking people led him on to greater and greater feats. i like to think of him as the pioneering beacon that beat the path along which fainter spirits could follow.

    some memories. i remember writing the undertaker speech with him, and him suggesting the punch line, 'all right, we'll eat her, but if you feel bad about it afterwards, we'll dig a grave and you can throw up into it.' i remember discovering in 1969, when we wrote every day at the flat where connie booth and i lived, that he'd recently discovered the game of printing four-letter words on neat little squares of paper, and then quietly placing them at strategic points around our flat, forcing connie and me into frantic last minute paper chases whenever we were expecting important guests.

    i remember him at bbc parties crawling around on all fours, rubbing himself affectionately against the legs of gray-suited executives, and delicately nibbling the more appetizing female calves. mrs. eric morecambe remembers that too.

    i remember his being invited to speak at the oxford union, and entering the chamber dressed as a carrot---a full length orange tapering costume with a large, bright green sprig as a hat----and then, when his turn came to speak, refusing to do so. he just stood there, literally speechless, for twenty minutes, smiling beatifically. the only time in world history that a totally silent man has succeeded in inciting a riot.

    i remember graham receiving a sun newspaper tv award from reggie maudling. who else! and taking the trophy falling to the ground and crawling all the way back to his table, screaming loudly, as loudly as he could. and if you remember gray, that was very loud indeed.

    it is magnificent, isn't it? you see, the thing about shock... is not that it upsets some people, i think; i think that it gives others a momentary joy of liberation, as we realised in that instant that the social rules that constrict our lives so terribly are not actually very important.

    well, gray can't do that for us anymore. he's gone. he is an ex-chapman. all we have of him now is our memories. but it will be some time before they fade."
  • genelde en absurd anda bile kuyrugu titremeyen, ciddi karakterleri canlandirmistir, bu baglamda ekibin ciddi olanidir.. monty python artik bir yere grup olarak cagirildiginda yaninda onun kullerini de goturur, hatta terry gilliam monty python live in aspen'de yanlislikla urn'e guzel bir tekme atip kulleri sahneye dokmustur..

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