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  • ing. 1- cesur, dayanıklı. 2- kumlu, pütürlü.
  • bread and barrels of water albümünden bir outlandish şarkısı.

    in the bus
    bumping with my thugs
    you don't want me to get up and slap you whut
    on my block
    in my set
    you don't wanna test
    you don't want me to get up and slap u whut
    on the porch
    in the crib
    eating mammas meal
    you don't want me to get up and slap u whut
    on the phone
    doing buiss'
    trying to close a deal
    you don't want me to get up and slap you whut

    rapverse1 (waqas)
    we gonna party it's monsoon wedding up in here
    soon as we touch ground "tusi chad chak dey"
    say what?
    we gonna tear the roof up
    and get crunked on "garam chai" up at the bar with my feet up

    rapverse1 (lenny)
    me llaman cabrón
    no quiero escribirle a tu maldita canción
    estoy cansado de hacer favores
    ponte en mis zapatos
    este ritmo esta estropeado para el carajo
    they call me cabrón
    coz i dont want to write your damned song
    i'm so tired of doing favours
    put your self in my shoes!
    this rhythm is waisted

    rapverse1 (waqas)
    if the shoe don't fit?
    fuck it wear it anyway
    man it's too tight!!!
    then cut it
    i need my space
    did you know her?
    nah never seen her face
    shorty acting like we go back like biggie and faith

    rapverse1 (lenny)
    ¿quien quiero ser ?
    quiero ser como el diego
    rebelde puro con amor por el juego
    coraje latino
    eso es tan puro
    serena intensidad
    eso te lo aseguro
    who i wanna be?
    i wanna be like el diego (maradona)
    rebellious with passion for the game
    latin spirit
    that's so pure
    serenely intensity
    you bet


    rapverse2 (isam)
    rghh tfuu!
    snakes all up in this chase
    i'm trying to get out of this shhhh
    they' trying to steal my plate
    keep them out of my show
    keep them out of my goal
    don't give me that sweet talk you
    keep them out of my flow
    i'm tired of y'all; nobody get's the job done around here
    i don't eat pork, thought i made my self clear
    you slipped bacon in my white rice
    instead of them prawns
    i had no clue, came home
    breathe smelling like santa claus
    who the boss??? you???
    naah, me that's who!!!
    who got the bread??? you???
    naah, me that's who!!!
    say, you want me to get up and slap your butt
    you better believe you out of a job
    cuz of the food you fucked, you are fired, ya fool!!!

    we, we don't need nobody else no
    take your business somewhere else fool
    tell your peeps not to bother me no more
    ya keep ya friend close but ya keep ya enemy closer
    take the bitter with the sweet, and the sweet with the bitter
    mix it with a little bit of brains and some cheddar
    how ya gon' live my brotha if ya don't matter


    rapverse3 (waqas)
    all my live moros throw your hands up
    let me see you go skyhigh to this cut
    letting you know el moro tear the club up
    how you gonna live my brother if you don't know what's up

    rapverse3 (lenny)
    mira al moro, mírame
    watch me as i put it down
    suavemente admírame
    presente con mi mara que queres
    vete, este no es lugar para un bebe

    watch el moro, watch me
    watch me as i put it down
    admire me gently
    present with my gang, what ya want
    fuck off, this ain't a place for a baby
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